• Tyagi, Italian court, italian copter deal exposes corruption levels, Ratan tata

    Italian copter deal exposes corruption levels 15 February 2013

    The V VIP copter deal by AgustaWestland, once again exposes the corruption levels in the country. According to sources the Italian state controlled company had kept aside Rs 217 crores to bag the Rs 3,600 crores deal from India. Of...

    Keywords: Helecopetres Purchase Scam, tata group, Finmeccanica Giuseppe Orsi, tunisia

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    Funny Jokes, Jokes, animals applauding ratan tata s big heart, Ratan tata

    Animals, applauding Ratan Tata’s big heart 04 January 2016

    News: Ratan Tata invests in dogspot.in Other animals’ inner voice: Please turn us as pets tooBy Phani Ch

    Keywords: Animal Jokes, Animal Jokes, Funny Jokes, Animal Jokes

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    Kashmir, o6 october., rahul gandhi on employment assurance to kashmiri youth, Ratan tata

    Rahul Gandhi on 'employment' assurance to Kashmiri youth! 06 October 2012

    Is he the leader in the reserve? He is not an abled leader, he could not capture the home state of the Gandhis. He is no way a competition  to Modi, the visionary. What is his experience in ruling the...

    Keywords: India Inc, Ratan Tata, India Inc, Jammu

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    Visionary, Tata Tetley, tata s graceful bow out on dec 28, Ratan tata

    Tata's graceful bow out on Dec 28 22 December 2012

    The salt to software giant Tata & Sons will be missing the stalwart who pioneered in developing the legacy further inherited from his predecessors. Ratan Tata will gracefully walk out of his position on December 28, when he turns seventy...

    Keywords: Tata AIG, Tata empire, Tata Nano, Tata empire

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    ratan tata retires, cyrus mistry, the end of ratan tata, Ratan tata

    The end of Ratan Tata 28 December 2012

    The 21 year long tenure of Ratan Tata, the strongman behind the Tata Group and its global success finally comes to an end today, December 28 as his successor and apprentice Cyrus Mistry would takeover as the chairman of Tata-Sons,...

    Keywords: tata group, chairman, cyrus mistry, ratan tata

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    Ratan Tata updates, Chandra Babu latest, ratan tata s emotional letter to chandra babu, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata's Emotional Letter To Chandra Babu 05 September 2018

    Ratan Tata's Emotional Letter To Chandra Babu:- Indian billionaire businessman Ratan Tata has been to Tirupati recently for laying the foundation stone for Sri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care and Advance Research (SVICAR) and Tatas invested Rs 600 crores for...

    Keywords: Ratan Tata letter, Chandra Babu new updates, Ratan Tata latest news, Chandra Babu new updates

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    Telangana news, T hub launched, t hub launched ratan tata gives open offer, Ratan tata

    T-hub launched, Ratan Tata gives open offer 06 November 2015

    T-Hub was launched yesterday in Hyderabad, inviting the startup companies.IT minister KTR, along with few other officials like Ratan Tata, Governor Narasimhan and others have launched T-hub, with the intention of inviting the startup companies in the state. Speaking on...

    Keywords: T hub launched, T hub launched, T-hub, T-hub

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    Ratan adopts Vijayawada constituency villages, Ratan Tata meets Chandrababu Naidu, ratan tata adopts 264 villages in ap, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata adopts 264 villages in AP 24 August 2015

    Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Trust, met Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu today and made an applauded proposal.   The duo discussed about the financial situations prevailing in the state, and Naidu reportedly asked about the possibilities of investing...

    Keywords: Ratan Tata meets Chandrababu Naidu, Ratan Tata adopts AP villages, Ratan Tata meets Chandrababu Naidu, Ratan adopts Vijayawada constituency villages

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    T-Hub breaking updates, Ratan Tata, ratan tata responds about the new t hub facility in hyderabad, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata Responds About the New T-Hub Facility in Hyderabad 28 June 2022

    Ratan Tata Responds About the New T-Hub Facility in Hyderabad:- A world-class startup hub in Hyderabad T-Hub is all set for inauguration today by KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana. This is said to be the largest hub for startups...

    Keywords: T-Hub breaking news, T-Hub, T-Hub breaking updates, T-Hub budget

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    Rata Tata made chief of Tata Sons, Tata Sons chief, ratan tata back as tata sons chief cyrus mistry removed, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata Back As Tata Sons Chief; Cyrus Mistry Removed 25 October 2016

    In a surprising development, happened yesterday, which shocked the corporates and other, the chief of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry has been removed as the head of Tata Sons by the Board of Tata Sons. Mistry’s predecessor, Ratan Tata has now...

    Keywords: Rata Tata made chief of Tata Sons, Tata Sons chief, Cyrus Mistry removed, Tata Sons chief

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    Bharat Ratna, Ratan Tata, ratan tata gets emotional, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata gets emotional 01 September 2012

    A shareholder had come to Ratan Tata while offering a few guests and put a garland around his neck. Few others on the site wanted him to sign the signature on the annual report at Kolkata. He chaired a major...

    Keywords: Tata Group, Bharat Ratna, Tata Group, emotional ratan tata.

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    Tata Group, indian economy, ratan tata predicts economic growth in two years, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata predicts economic growth in two years 15 March 2013

    Talking on Friday, Ratan Tata predicted that the Indian economy will re-establish itself within two years to more than 7% growth rate. However, it is not all smiles when he talked about the growth. He assessed that though we hit...

    Keywords: ratan tata, Tata Group, ratan tata, ratan tata

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    Nano not Cheap car, Nano Car, ratan tata admits nano marketing fault, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata Admits Nano Marketing Fault 30 November 2013

    Ratan Tata who took the Nano car as a prestigious mission giving his heart to it still believes that the sale of the car will take off once the stigma of cheap car is shaken off from it. He compared...

    Keywords: Nano Peoples car, Tata Motors, Nano Car, Tata Motors

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    Ratan Tata invests in pet care portal, Ratan Tata invests in pet care portal, ratan tata invests in a web portal, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata invests in a web portal 04 January 2016

    Continuing the slew of investments, he has made in various startups globally, the top  industrialist Ratan Tata, has invested in a pet care portal, DogSpot.in. However, the value of the investment was not disclosed.Announcing the same, DogSpot.in co-founder and CEO,...

    Keywords: Business news, Business news, Business news, Ratan Tata

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    India Inc, Rahul Gandhi, kashmir welcomes investor forums, Ratan tata

    Kashmir welcomes investor forums 06 October 2012

    Kudos to Rahul Gandhi who is bent on working the impossible, possible for the apple valley. On Friday the elite of India Inc joined the young leader on a mission to Kashmir, 'restructuring.' The valley is to receive a slew...

    Keywords: Kashmir tourism, Kashmir, Jammu, Kashmir tourism

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    PM Modi, Sir Dorabjee Tata, sudden removal shocks cyrus mistry seeks appointment with pm modi, Ratan tata

    Sudden Removal Shocks Cyrus Mistry; Seeks Appointment With PM Modi 26 October 2016

    Cyrus Mistry, who was recently ousted as a chairman of the Tata Sons by the Board of Tata Sons is shocked by the decision taken by the Board and said that he was not given a chance to defend himself. Mistry...

    Keywords: Sir Dorabjee Tata, Tata Group, Sir Dorabjee Tata, Tata Sons

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    tata not to enter airlines, Ratan tata civil aviation, tata not to enter airlines industry, Ratan tata

    Tata not to enter airlines industry 10 December 2012

    Tata Group, which was once a major in civil aviation in the country, has ruled out the possibilities of reentering the airlines industry due to what it calls 'destructive competition. The chairman of Tata Group said Ratan Tata opined airlines...

    Keywords: civil aviation kingfisher, civil aviation tata ratan, Ratan tata civil aviation, Ratan tata civil aviation

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    PMCARES Fund total, Narendra Modi, ratan tata named as pmcares trustee, Ratan tata

    Ratan Tata Named As PMCARES Trustee 22 September 2022

    Ratan Tata Named As PMCARES Trustee:- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of the people for contributing for the PMCARES Fund. Modi chaired a meeting with the newly -nominated trustees. Tata Groups Chairman Ratan Tata is the new...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, PMCARES Fund spents, PMCARES Fund breaking news, Narendra Modi

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    Sports Wishesh, Rape convicts, visionary ratan tata leaves behind a legacy morning wishesh, Ratan tata

    Visionary Ratan Tata leaves behind a legacy: Morning Wishesh 28 December 2012

    Hi..............Salut Morning Wishesh is back with a French 'Hi' in the informal way. The nation is happy that the rape-in-moving-bus victim had been flown to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for better treatment, but is equally troubled as the...

    Keywords: 28 December, December 28, Prime Minister, Tirumala Information

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    Snapdeal.com, Snapdeal.com, tata invests in snapdeal, Ratan tata

    TATA invests in Snapdeal 27 August 2014

    Ratan Tata makes e-commerce foray as Snapdeal.com has claimed that the former TATA Groups chairman has made a personal investment in the company however did not disclose the amount. Snapdeal co-founder and CEO Kunal Bahl also confirmed Ratan Tata's personal...

    Keywords: Snapdeal.com, Tata value homes ltd, Snapdeal growth, Tata value homes ltd

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