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    Saudi princess Meshael Alayban supercharged! 11 July 2013

    ( Meshael Alayban ) Prosecutors brought into prominence that a Saudi princess has been supercharged with human trafficking for supposedly holding a domestic worker against her will at a California condominium. Furthermore, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas determined 42-year-old...

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    month of ramadan, saudi arabia, saudi arabia donates another us 100 million to un, Saudi arabia news

    Saudi Arabia donates another US$100 million to UN 08 August 2013

    The fact that Saudi media reported on Thursday, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has brought into prominence a further donation of US$100 million to establish a United Nations centre for fighting terrorism. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia signed an agreement along with...

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    arabia films, journalist  sameera aziz, first female saudi filmmaker in bollywood, Saudi arabia news

    First female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood! 24 June 2013

    The Mumbai-based film production centre brought into prominence that media figure Sameera Aziz is steady to become the first female Saudi filmmaker in Bollywood. Saudi news site Sabq reported on Sunday that the journalist has written the scenario of the...

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    Arabian, Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, arabian camel may be mers virus host, Saudi arabia news

    Arabian camel may be Mers virus host 09 August 2013

    Researchers on Friday brought it as a prominent factor that the Arabian camel happens to be a possible host of the deadly human Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) virus. The exact origins of the virus is a riddle scientists have...

    Keywords: Arabian camel may be Mers virus host, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Arabian camel, Mers virus

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    hajj minister bandar hajjar, mecca, mers virus panic in saudi arabia, Saudi arabia news

    Mers virus panic in Saudi Arabia 25 July 2013

    Due to the impact of alarm of a sudden and active manifestation of the deadly Mers virus in Saudi Arabia along with construction in the holy city of Mecca have forced cuts in the numbers of pilgrims afford opportunity to...

    Keywords: mecca, hajj minister bandar hajjar, holy city of mecca., medina

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