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  • Guava Leaves breaking news, Guava Leaves latest updates, guava leaves a great option for skin, Skin beauty

    Guava Leaves: A great option for Skin 05 April 2021

    Guava Leaves: A great option for Skin:- Guava Leaves are said to be a huge help for the skin. They will help you treat oily skin, acne, blackheads and other skin-related issues. There are several people who are suffering with...

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    Dermaplaning health tips, Dermaplaning updates, dermaplaning is a trending technique for a smooth skin, Skin beauty

    Dermaplaning is a trending technique for a Smooth Skin 11 February 2021

    Dermaplaning is a trending technique for a Smooth Skin:- There are huge fans of dermaplaning right from Ancient Egyptian beauty Cleopatra to Hollywood's most famous Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Here we are with an analysis why this technique is...

    Keywords: Dermaplaning, Dermaplaning breaking news, Dermaplaning tips, Dermaplaning latest

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    banana for skin beauty, mix carrot paste, banana a medicine to treat skin damage, Skin beauty

    Banana... a medicine to treat skin damage 09 April 2013

    Who does not want to look their best? But due to the season and pollution adding on to it, we are facing skin damage at a great extent. We might not have time to spend at beauty salons for shaping...

    Keywords: skin care tips, banana for skin care, milk and honey, banana for beauty

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    Tips For Hand Care, Protect your hands, care for your hands, Skin beauty

    Care for your hands 17 December 2013

    Someone has rightly said, "Hands are the biggest giveaways." No matter how much you slather your face and feet with dollops of expensive skin creams and oils, if you ignore your hands, they will wrinkle and line and reveal your...

    Keywords: Antioxidants, antioxidant cream, antioxidant cream, antioxidant cream

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    wrinkles, wrinkles, bring glow to your face, Skin beauty

    Bring Glow To Your Face 26 December 2013

    Face is the main part of the body that is seen, recognized and continuously looked at in the interaction by the others. That is how it is called facing. As face is more exposed than other parts of the body...

    Keywords: Tips For Beautiful Face, wrinkles, Aging, Aging

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    healthy diet, beauty tips, be young for a long time, Skin beauty

    Be young for a long time... 06 December 2012

    We all love to look and be young forever... well, this is not possible so we tend to delay all those signs of aging as much as possible... we use all those beauty products, spend on special treatments, and do...

    Keywords: loss weight, gain weight, vitamins, healthy skin

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    Skin Beauty Tips for Girls, Skin Beauty Tips for Girls, skin beauty tips for girls, Skin beauty

    Skin Beauty Tips for Girls 27 January 2011

    1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to keep your skin moisturized.2. Eat nutritious and balanced foods to supply enough vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C to your skin.3. Drink a glass of water mixed with...

    Keywords: Skin Beauty Tips for Girls, Skin Beauty Tips for Girls, Skin Beauty Tips for Girls, Skin Beauty Tips for Girls

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    cornmeal, Skin, diy skin firming facial, Skin beauty

    DIY skin firming facial 16 January 2014

    If snail facial or vampire facial doesn't sounds remotely interesting to you, we don't blame you. Apart from the horrifying thought of vampire blood or slimy snail paste swathed across your skin, these treatment comes with a price tag (approx....

    Keywords: Skin Beauty Care, Skin, honey, facial

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    fair skin beauty tips, skin glow tips, be fair, Skin beauty

    Be fair! 17 November 2011

    Who does not want a fairer looking skin? And those, who are not by birth blessed with a fair complexion, will strive to get that fair complexion. The never decreasing demand for all those fairness products is the example of...

    Keywords: tips for women, tips for fair skin, fair skin beauty tips, tips for fair skin

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    fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair skin beauty tips, Skin beauty

    Fair Skin Beauty Tips 25 July 2011

    1. Keep in mind that women who are fair, should always aim for pink and neutral tones when choosing makeup. 2. The best beauty tip for basic makeup is the ivory tinted moisturizer. It is best for your skin tone....

    Keywords: fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips, fair-skin-beauty-tips

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