Bring Glow To Your Face

December 26, 2013 17:09
Bring Glow To Your Face

Face is the main part of the body that is seen, recognized and continuously looked at in the interaction by the others. That is how it is called facing. As face is more exposed than other parts of the body one likes to keep it clean, beautiful and glowing to give a pleasing ambience.

But due to ageing the skin gets pale, wrinkled and lose glow. There are some tips to keep it glowing and making it more than acceptable.

A simple massage makes it glow.  It is one thing you have to do it yourself.  Using your soft pads of finger tips gently rub from cheek bones to nose and back and go upwards to the temple and eyebrows.  Then take moisteriser of your choice to massage again gently from neck upwards to jaws and outer corners of your mouth with lips pursed.  A rush of oxygen will glow your skin.

Sleeping face up straight will reduce the pace of ageing of the facial skin to sag and form wrinkles.  And before sleeping massage the skin on your face regularly to stimulate your skin’s fibroblasts.  It releases collagen that restores lost elasticity of the skin.  Just five minutes regular massaging will do wonders to your face.

Apart from the external maintenance of the skin on your face, you can also allow your physical body system do it by equipping it with the right doses of intakes of red wine and fish.  Grapes contain resveratrol which is a powerful anti ageing antioxidant which goes into the wine made of grapes.  Take a glass of red wine every alternative day and restrict its consumption to it.  Consume oily fish once or twice a week that gives useful fat to your skin.

Do it for one month to get the results. 

Apart from the above another thing that helps to keep the face wrinkle free and keep it glow is going easy.  Deep feelings expressed or felt in private makes the skin sag faster than it is supposed to.  Healthy thoughts keep the face also illuminate.

There of course another thing that makes the face emits illumination with knowledge that is seen in wise people and sages. 

If you feel that the last two paragraphs are hard to take, ignore them and limit your facial treatment to massaging and intake as explained above which are physical in nature.  


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