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    Tips to choose coloured mascaras 25 August 2015

    Coloured mascara is a new trend in this season. With many brands available in the market choose the best brand and colour that suits your skin tone and look elegant with attractive eyes. If you are confused to choose the...

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    lip color, skin care, proper skin care in peek winter, Skin tone

    Proper skin care in peek winter 03 January 2013

    Winter is on and the cold of the winter is not only getting into our nerves but into the pores of our skin, making our skin look aged and dry... of course, you all have your own ways of taking...

    Keywords: skin care, cracked hands, oil massages, skin care

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    Lipstick pro, Lipstick best themes, how to apply lipstick like a pro, Skin tone

    How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro 15 September 2020

    How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro:- Lipstick is hard and it may not suit everyone. Sometimes we feel that it we have over lipstick and the other time it may not match the situation or suit your costume. Here...

    Keywords: Lipstick for lips, Lipstick latest, Lipstick pro, Lipstick costumes

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    skin tone, eye circles, set your skin tone to even, Skin tone

    Set your skin tone to EVEN! 24 November 2012

    Just follow these tips to get the skin tone same from tip to toe; Prep the Face Foundations and tinted moisturizers glide over a moisturized, plumped face so much better than a dry one. Plump up skin with a primer...

    Keywords: skin tone, bronzing powder, bronzing powder, bronzing powder

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    beauty tips, eye shadow, makeup to look the best, Skin tone

    Makeup to look the best 16 February 2013

    The makeup is done and just before leaving for that special occasion or an outing you will feel, 'no, this is not me. The makeup is not suiting me at all'... this is because you did not choose a right...

    Keywords: beauty tips, fair skin foundation color, eye shadow, skin care

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    Fashion tips, beauty care tips., skin tone can be improved, Skin tone

    Skin tone can be improved? 02 February 2012

    Taking care of your skin is a big responsibility. It's your body's largest organ and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Your overall health, cosmetic treatments, skin products, hormones, age and diet all work together to affect your...

    Keywords: Skin care tips, Fashion tips, good face creams, beauty care tips.

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    Choose texture, Consider your skin tone, perfect eyes for a perfect occasion, Skin tone

    Perfect eyes for a perfect occasion... 05 July 2012

    The marriages ka season is yet to begin soon... and we are getting ready to transform our selves to the best to attend all these special occasions. rest all is perfect, but know how to transform the best of you,...

    Keywords: Perfect occasion, Perfect eyes, Perfect eyes, Choose texture

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    choose lip color, tip of day, perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone, Skin tone

    Perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone! 15 November 2012

    Choosing the right lip color isn't as simple as it might seem. We've all seen someone wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and, chances are, at some point or another we were that person. The two most important factors to...

    Keywords: lip color, tips for women, fair skin, skin care

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