Proper skin care in peek winter

January 03, 2013 16:21
Proper skin care in peek winter

Winter is on and the cold of the winter is not only getting into our nerves but into the pores of our skin, making our skin look aged and dry... of course, you all have your own ways of taking good care of your skin this winter, but here are some more tips that make your skin look beautiful this winter;

Winter is the season where your skin needs skin products that are oil based and retain the moisturizer in your skin... so, go for them... pamper your skin gently with these... all those oil massages, special baths are up for your skin care in winter...

As soon as you take bath, make sure you moisturize your skin and face first... you can also use mild, oil based soaps to retain the natural glow in your skin.

All those fruits and dry fruits, lots of water and fresh fruit juices, food cooked in less oil, is the best way to keep yourself hydrated this winter... this way you not only live healthy, but your skin also looks natural and glowing irrespective of the season...

For all those are in an illusion that sun screens are only for Summer, let me make you clear, even the sun light in winter can end up leaving negative effects on your skin... moreover, skin needs that quote and to be protected and this can be only done by sun screens.

Another major negative effect of winter is cracked hands and heels... do you like to live with cracked heels or heal them to beautiful? Take a proper care of cracked heels... don't forget to wear slippers even at home...

Dark browns are perfect shades that are apt for winter atmosphere... be it an eye makeup or choosing the lip color, choose the shades of browns that match to your skin tone as well.

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