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  • Gopika Poornima, Devi Sri Prasad, king nagarjuna s damarukam on october 12, Sri krishna

    King Nagarjuna's Damarukam on October 12 21 September 2012

    King Nagarjuna is all set to release Damarukam on October 12, as per the statement by Dr Venkat the Producer. The film which comes after the religious film acted by the hero, comes as usual with much expectations. Industry sources...

    Keywords: Sunitha, Karthik, Hariharan, Jaspreet Jazz

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    Mathura and Brindavan, Krishnashtami Celebrations, krishnashtami celebrations, Sri krishna

    Krishnashtami Celebrations 28 August 2013

    Sri Krishna the eighth Avatar of Lord Vishnu took birth as an eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva on this day of Ashtami i.e., eighth day of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Sravana in Rohini Nakshatra, to extinct...

    Keywords: Gokulashtami, Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Avatar of Lord Vishnu, childhood plays of Srikrishna

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    Lakshmana, Ramayana, ram navami celebrations all over the nation, Sri krishna

    Ram Navami Celebrations all over the nation 27 March 2015

    People, especially from Southern part of India has started Ram Navami celebrations at their towns and villages.In South India, the Ram Navami festival carries on for nine days consisting of several elements of ceremony and rituals. Since the day coincides...

    Keywords: ISKCON, Lakshmana, Sri Krishna, Putra Kameshti Yajna

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    krishna, krishna jayanthi 2012, radha krishna cult for fashion, Sri krishna

    Radha Krishna cult for fashion 09 August 2012

    Shravan month brings joy to one and all and the vigor is virulent in youth. Catching on the threads of gen next desires, well acclaimed designer Neeta Lulla offered up traditional Indian designs at the Lakme Fashion Show. And this...

    Keywords: lord krishna, sri krishna, krishna janmashtami, lord krishna

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    Jagannath-Avatar Sri Krishna, Puri's Jagannadha Ratha Yatra, famous jagannadha ratha yatra today, Sri krishna

    Famous Jagannadha Ratha Yatra Today 10 July 2013

    The world famous Ratha Yatra (Journey on chaiot) is going to take place today at Puri in Odisha.   The three chariots of Nandighosh, Taladhwaja and Darpadalan carrying Jagannadh Swamy, Balabhadra Swamy and Subhadra Devi are going to take a procession...

    Keywords: Jagannadha Ratha Yatra, Famous Jagannadha Ratha Yatra, Jagannadha Ratha Yatra in Puri Odisha, Balabhadra Swamy

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    Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna, krishna aur kans mobile game, Sri krishna

    Krishna Aur Kans mobile game 11 August 2012

    A new mobile game was launched on the Aug 3rd  on the occasion of Janmashtami that was celebrated on Friday. Jumps Games had developed the game based on the animation movie Krishna Aur Kans along with Reliance Animation. The users...

    Keywords: Janmashtami, , Lord Krishna, android

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    telangana all parties, tdp telangana, red leader getting ready for all party meeting, Sri krishna

    Red leader getting ready for all party meeting 25 December 2012

    CPM state secretary BV Raghavulu has said that CPM would question the Centre as to what it has done to Sri Krishna Committee report. He has also said that his party supports the unified state and the same would be...

    Keywords: centre all party meeting, bv raghavulu all party meeting, centre all party meeting, bv raghavulu all party meeting

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    Arjun, Sri Krishna, srimad bhagavad gita chapter 2 text 11, Sri krishna

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 2. - Text 11 05 February 2015

    sri-bhagavan uvacaasocyan anvasocas tvam prajna-vadams ca bhasasegatasun agatasums ca nanusocanti panditahMeaning of wordssri-bhagavan uvaca-Sri Krishna said; asocyan--that which is not worthy of lamentation; anvasocah--you are lamenting; tvam--you; prajna-vadan--learned talks; ca--also; bhasase--speaking; gata--lost; asun--life; agata--not past; asun--life; ca--also; na--never; anusocanti--lament; panditah--the...

    Keywords: Sri Krishna, Bhagavad gita, Bhagavad gita, Sri Krishna

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    krishna janmashtami, Radha krishna, legendary love story of radha krishna, Sri krishna

    Legendary love story of Radha Krishna 09 August 2012

    In Vrindavan, a village with beautiful gopis, Radha was the most loved by Sri Krishna. The love Radha had for Krishna was beyond love. They were often depicted to be singing or dancing together. In fact any picture of Radha...

    Keywords: Radha, Lord Krishna, sri krishna, Radha

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    MP Shiva Prasad like Sri Krishna, Telugu Desam Party MP, krishna avatar in parliament, Sri krishna

    Krishna Avatar in Parliament 13 August 2013

    Telugu Desam Party MP and Cinema artist Shiva Prasad yesterday made a dramatic presentation in support of Samaikyandhra movement. He went to the Parliament with a makeup like Lord Krishna who in the epic story of Mahabharata goes to the...

    Keywords: MP Shiva Prasad protest, AP State bifurcation, MP Shiva Prasad like Sri Krishna, Sonia Gandhi

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    Chembukavu, Chembukavu, thrissur pooram festival of gods own country, Sri krishna

    Thrissur Pooram, festival of Gods own country 29 April 2015

    Thrissur is a city situated in the centre of Kerala state, India It is an important cultural centre, and is known as the "cultural capital" of Kerala. The name Thrissur is derived from "Thiru-Shiva-Perur", which literally translates to "The city...

    Keywords: Kanimangalam, Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple, Nethilakkavu, Vadakkunnathan Temple

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    Governor, Governor, t advocates jac suspend danam, Sri krishna

    T Advocates' JAC: Suspend Danam 10 August 2012

    The Telangana Advocates' Joint Action Committee has demanded the Andhra Pradesh Governor ESL Narasimhan to immediately suspend minister Danam Nagender for misbehaving with police personnel when they were on duty on Thursday. The JAC representatives have today met the Governor...

    Keywords: Danam Nagender, Governor, Danam Nagender, Danam Nagender

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    salvation, Bhagavad Gita, concentrate and meditate on the supreme personality of god head sri krishna to attain the ultimate goal of salvation, Sri krishna

    Concentrate and meditate on the Supreme personality of God head, Sri Krishna to attain the ultimate goal of salvation 06 June 2015

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 61tani sarvani samyamya yukta asita mat-parahvase hi yasyendriyani tasya prajna pratisthitaWord meaningtani--those sensessarvani-allsamyamya--keeping under controlyuktah--being engagedasita--being so situatedmat-parah--in relationship with Mevase--in full subjugationhi-certainlyyasya--one whoseindriyani-sensestasya-hisprajna-consciousnesspratisthita--fixed.Meaning of verseOne who restrains his senses and fixes his consciousness...

    Keywords: Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Lord Sri Krishna

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    Ysrcp, Chanchalguda Prison, ysr prince celebrates birthday in sri krishna s birth place, Sri krishna

    YSR Prince celebrates birthday in Sri Krishna's birth place 22 December 2012

    YSR Congress leader celebrates his 40th birthday at the Chanchalguda Prison where he had been lodged by the CBI ever since his arrest in May, this year. YSRCP party leaders and family members celebrated the day with tears in their...

    Keywords: YSR, YSR, 22 December, YSR

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    movies and politics, Mid day meal, ntr s 90th birthday, Sri krishna

    NTR's 90th Birthday 28 May 2013

    NT Rama Rao who in fact does not need an introduction is only remembered here on the occasion of his birthday today. He made so deep an impression on the Telugu people living in the State and also elsewhere on...

    Keywords: State of Andhra Pradesh, matinee idol in Telugu Cinema, matinee idol in Telugu Cinema, movies and politics

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    ISKCON, ISKCON, danam nagender in soup, Sri krishna

    Danam Nagender in soup 10 August 2012

    Minister Danam Nagender's alleged highhandedness on the temple premises of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy in Hyderabad has been drawing criticism across the state. Political observers said that the issue might even draw criticism at the national level as the sentiments...

    Keywords: NDA leader, NDA leader, ISKCON, UPA

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    ISKCON, utti utsavam, sri krishna janmashtami celebrated with much pomp, Sri krishna

    Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrated with much pomp 10 August 2012

    Today being Sri Krishna Janmashtami, a large number of devotees thronged temples across Andhra Pradesh especially at ISKCON temples in Hyderabad. While most of Hindus-who follow Advaita school of philosophy- look upon Lord Krishna as one of the avatars of...

    Keywords: ISKCON, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Bedabeda, Sri Krishna Janmashtami

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    Jaspreet Jazz, Venkat Sai, damarukam audio passes litmus test, Sri krishna

    Damarukam audio passes litmus test 14 September 2012

    After a weak response to his religious flick, King Nagarjuna comes back with a big bang in the form of Damarukam. The crew just released the audio of the film composed by Devisri Prasad. The duo are together for the...

    Keywords: Gopika Poornima, Sunitha, Gopika Poornima, Hariharan

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    Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Goddess Durga Mata, banwarlal seeks blessings of goddess durga, Sri krishna

    Banwarlal seeks blessings of Goddess Durga 10 August 2012

    The chief electoral officer, Banwarlal has sought the blessings of Goddess Durga Mata at Indrakeeladri temple in Vijayawada on Friday. Today being Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Banwarlal along with his wife arrived at Vijayawada temple. The temple authorities have grandly received...

    Keywords: Indrakeeladri temple, Banwarlal, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Indrakeeladri temple

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    Celebrity news, Sri Krishnadevaraya awards 2014, mohan babu and sharada honoured, Sri krishna

    Mohan Babu and Sharada honoured 01 July 2014

    Collection King Mohan Babu and veteran actress Sharada were honoured with Sri Krishnadevaraya Award by the Karnataka government for their immense contribution in the field of culture and arts. Both the versatile actors have been part of the film industry...

    Keywords: Mohan Babu wins Sri Krishnadevaraya award, Mohan Babu wins Sri Krishnadevaraya award, Mohan Babu wins Sri Krishnadevaraya award, Mohan Babu and Sharada honoured

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