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  • document sharing Whatsapp, document sharing Whatsapp, document sharing through whatsapp now, Technology news

    Document sharing through Whatsapp now 02 March 2016

    Not just photos or videos, now the Whatsapp users can even share the documents over the chats. This feature is now available on the latest WhatsApp builds available on Google Play and the App Store.Whatsapp users with version 2.12.453 on Android...

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    Browser's Settings, phishing, google for safe browsing system, Technology news

    Google for safe browsing system 12 March 2015

    Google used to inform its users about the secretly installed programs that can change a browser's settings without the user's permission. Those revisions can unleash a siege of aggravating ads or redirect the browser's users to search engines or other...

    Keywords: malware, Technology News, Safari, Firefox

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    Apple iPhone cost increased, Technology news, 29 hike on apple iphones, Technology news

    29% hike on Apple iPhones 23 April 2016

    As new 4-inch iPhone SE was a huge disaster, to compensate the losses faced by it, Apple has reportedly decided to hike the price of its iPhones in India by 29 per cent. In India, iPhone SE base 16GB variant was...

    Keywords: Apple iPhone cost increased, Apple iPhones, Technology news, Apple iPhone cost increased

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    google to shut down Orkut, launch of Orkut, google to shut down orkut, Technology news

    Google to shut down Orkut 01 July 2014

    Google on Tuesday announced that it is shutting down Orkut, to focus on YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ services that have been more successful for the California based technology giant. Orkut was launched in the year 2004, the same year its...

    Keywords: launch of Orkut, Google shuts down Orkut, Google shuts down Orkut, google to shut down Orkut

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    Technology news, Technology news, broken iphones give ton of gold, Technology news

    Broken iPhones give ton of gold 16 April 2016

    Apple discovered a way to make millions of dollars with its old, broken iPhones.According to its annual environmental report released this week, Apple recovered 2,204 pounds (more than a ton) of gold from recycled iPhones, iPads and Macs, which is...

    Keywords: Apple iPhones gold, Apple iPhones gold, Apple iPhones gold, Apple iPhones gold

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    Technology news, mobile phone hack, how to hack mobile phone and steal data, Technology news

    How to hack mobile phone and steal data? 29 December 2015

    Selfie. A word that needs no introduction in the present days, as it has almost become a part of everyone lives, who use a mobile phone. But the problem to be discussed now, how the hackers are able to hack...

    Keywords: hacking, hacking, hacking, hacking

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    Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out in 30 mins, xiaomi mi 3 sold out in 30 mins, Technology news

    Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out in 30 mins 23 July 2014

    Touted as China's Apple company Xiaomi launched Mi 3 in India through the e-commerce platform Flipkart and astonishingly, the smartphone was sold out in the first 30 minutes. However, Flipkart declined to mention the number of units it sold but...

    Keywords: Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out in Flipkart, Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out in 30 mins, Technology news, Xiaomi

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    Whatsapp video calling, Whatsapp video calling, video calling through whatsapp soon, Technology news

    Video calling through Whatsapp soon! 09 May 2016

    It was earlier rumored that, Whatsapp would add call back, voice mail and zip file sharing support to the service. Reportedly, the company has now been working on it. Primarily, it would start with adding the video calling feature. Citing translation...

    Keywords: Whatsapp video calling, Whatsapp video calling, whatsapp new features, video calling whatsapp

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    Satellite, Scien and Technology News, 10 satellites per year from 2015, Technology news

    10 satellites per year from 2015 28 February 2015

    ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru, S.K. Shivakumar revealed that the space agency is planning to send upwards of 10 satellites every year starting 2015. Shivakumar was speaking on the topic “Indian satellites and success of MOM” at the National Science Day...

    Keywords: Satellite, Scien and Technology News, Satellite, Satellite

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    hire auto with android phone, Pooch-O application, book auto with android phone, Technology news

    Book auto with Android phone 11 July 2014

    The Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System [DIMTS] has launched a mobile app which enables people to hire an auto using their android phones. App "Pooch-O" was launched by Lt Governor Najeeb Jung on Friday. Pooch-O allows users to locate autos,...

    Keywords: Technology News, Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System, Technology News, DIMTS

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    Tik Tok news, Tik Tok China, tik tok has a shock for china set for big changes, Technology news

    Tik Tok Has A Shock For China: Set For Big Changes 10 July 2020

    Tik Tok Has A Shock For China: Set For Big Changes:- With the arrival of coronavirus pandemic and considering the security, Tik Tok has been banned in several countries. After the border issues, India banned 59 Chinese apps including Tik...

    Keywords: Tik Tok China, Tik Tok news, Tik Tok China, Tik Tok China

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    Apple hires TAG Heuer man, Sci-tech News, apple hires tag heuer man, Technology news

    Apple hires TAG Heuer man 05 July 2014

    Technology giant Apple has hired Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, vice president for sales, Patrick Pruniaux to assist in the launch of iWatch slated in September. However, Apple has declined to comment in Patrick's appointment. As the “Swiss Watch”...

    Keywords: Sci-tech News, Apple, Apple iWatch launch, Apple appoints TAG Heuer sales director

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    Qualcomm Snapdragon, Foxconn Technology Group, xiaomi unveils second manufacturing unit in india, Technology news

    Xiaomi Unveils Second Manufacturing Unit In India 21 March 2017

    Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, has joined hands with a Taiwanese electronics contract manufacturing giant, Foxconn Technology Group. The two companies have aimed to set up Xiaomi’s second manufacturing unit in India at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. Financial and the...

    Keywords: Foxconn Technology Group, Foxconn Technology Group, Redmi, Andhra Pradesh

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    Toyota investment in self driving car, self driving cars, toyota to invest in self driving car technology, Technology news

    Toyota to invest in self driving car technology 07 September 2015

    Toyota is investing $50 million with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in self driving car technology. The investment will be made over the next five years at joint research centers located in Silicon Valley and another technology...

    Keywords: robot cars, Toyota self driving cars, technology news, technology news

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    Samsung smartwatch patent, Samsung smartwatch patent, samsung applies for smartwatch patent, Technology news

    Samsung applies for smartwatch patent 16 May 2016

    For the wearable devices that have embedded projectors, Samsung filed a patent application. In the pre defined spaces, these projectors display a UI, and can take inputs from the users based on direct interaction in those pre-defined spaces. A projector...

    Keywords: Samsung smartwatch patent, Samsung smartwatch patent, Samsung patent application, Samsung smartwatch patent

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    chatbots, Robots text, you can soon text robots, Technology news

    You can soon text robots! 12 April 2016

    Robots can now run your life at an online texting service near you.In few months, FB messenger, Skype and Canada’s Kik users can find new automated assistants, offering information and services at a variety of businesses. These "chatbots" are basically...

    Keywords: chatbots, technology news, science and technology news, science and technology news

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    technology updates, technology news, familyapp hoists the national flag online, Technology news

    Familyapp- Hoists the national flag online 17 August 2015

    Trendyworks, a technology company introduced ‘Familyapp’, through which hoisting the flag can be done with a single click. The Trendyworks Company built this feature, through which, even national anthem can be sung in 10 different languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil,...

    Keywords: technology updates, Familyapp, technology updates, technology news

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    Facebook experiment on users, Facebook, facebook experiment irks users, Technology news

    Facebook experiment irks users 30 June 2014

    Social networking giant Facebook conducted a psychological experiment to the users, who had no idea that their news feeds were being manipulated to study their emotional reactions. The experiment was conducted over one week in January 2012 and over six...

    Keywords: Facebook spokesperson, PNAs, Sci-Tech News, news feeds in Facebook

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    HAL aircraft fly, HTT 40 fly, hal rolls out first htt 40 basic trainer, Technology news

    HAL rolls out first HTT-40 basic trainer 03 February 2016

    Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)’s new basic trainer aircraft, the Hindustan Turbo Trainer - 40 (HTT-40) rolled out for the first time from the hanger, where it was built and began preparations for its first flight, in this month itself.  HTT-40...

    Keywords: HAL trainer aircraft flies, HTT 40 fly, Technology news, HTT 40 fly

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    technology news, twitter new changes, twitter character limit will not count mentions attachments, Technology news

    Twitter character limit will not count mentions, attachments 25 May 2016

    Twitter has now decided not to count the mentions and attachments in its 140 character limit and thus make available for its users to make bigger tweets.User name mentions in replies and multimedia attachments such as gifs, videos or photos will no...

    Keywords: Twitter character limit 140 no attachments, social media news, twitter new changes, social media news

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