• Netflix, Stand-Up Comedy, stand up comedian vir das makes his debut on conan o brien s show, Understand

    Stand Up Comedian Vir Das Makes His Debut On Conan O'Brien’s Show 26 April 2017

    Bollywood actor and stand-up comedian, Vir Das made his debut appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to promote his Netflix show “Abroad Understanding”. Das, during his five-minute routine on the popular American talk show, took a jibe at US...

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    attraction, friends, the game of understanding in relationships, Understand

    The game of understanding in relationships 12 December 2012

    Relationship is like sand held in your hand, held lightly and openly, the sand rests where it is. The minute one tries to close the hand and squeeze strongly to hold on, the sand simply trickles through the fingers. You...

    Keywords: boy friend, positive person, friends, boy friend

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    relationship tips, Men and marriage, tune in to your man s needs, Understand

    Tune in to your man's needs 10 August 2013

    Arranged marriages are not extinct yet. Contrarily, they are very much an integral part of the Indian way of finding partners. In such a scenario, most couples feel shy to express themselves initially. To make it easier for the women,...

    Keywords: tips for women., marriage tips, tips for women., Men and marriage

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    positive thinking, positive thinking, different personalities similar thoughts, Understand

    Different personalities... Similar thoughts? 18 June 2013

    Everyone one of us are different from one another, similarly, our way of dealing different people with different mind sets has to differ. After all, how would I know which the better way to deal with people is and how...

    Keywords: , mood, thoughts, multiple personalities

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    exchange information, opportunities, understand the opportunity, Understand

    Understand the opportunity 04 June 2013

    During the interview ask questions and exchange information. Inquire about daily roles and responsibilities. Learn about the leadership of the group, management styles, etc. Exchange information and discover mutual interests: Understand career ladders and advancement opportunities Find out what the...

    Keywords: job responsibilities, job responsibilities, Interview questions, mutual interests

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    shutter speed, shutter speed, camera wishesh 3 understanding iso, Understand

    Camera Wishesh #3: Understanding ISO 08 March 2013

    Hello, friends. With the previous tutorials, I expect you should have taken a few better pictures than before. Sure, they might not be the best pictures that sell for millions already but you will eventually get there with enough passion...

    Keywords: shutter speed, shutter speed, dslr tutorials, DSLR

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    manmohan singh, pm asks to calm down, pm as father of 3 daughters understands protests, Understand

    PM, as father of 3 daughters, understands protests 24 December 2012

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged the people to remain calm after the protests turned violent on Sunday while they were enraged with the Delhi gang rape case in the city. A 23 year old girl was brutally raped and thrown...

    Keywords: manmohan singh, prime minister, pm asks to calm down, pm condemns violence

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    metering mode tutorials, average metering, camera wishesh understanding metering modes, Understand

    Camera Wishesh: Understanding metering modes 21 March 2013

    Before we begin a lesson that is of a level higher than being a mere beginner, go through the previous lesson once again, if you are not feeling confident enough to move on or if you are new here. http://www.bangalorewishesh.com/home/hot-buzz/33425-camera-wishesh-better-exposure.html...

    Keywords: basics of photography, understanding metering modes, metering, understand lighting

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    understand partner, life partner, give advice in a loving way, Understand

    Give advice in a loving way 21 June 2013

    Is your Partner boring? does not compliment you, does not spend time with you, does not respect your feelings, does not think about you, does not share your work? You are capable enough to make him understand what do you...

    Keywords: love and relationship, successful relationship., love and relationship, couple

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    , players-at-heart, does your man want to say something, Understand

    Does your man want to say something? 11 June 2014

    Men are internalisers and do not express much when it comes to emotions. They are not as transparent as they pretend to be. Your man may have a lot in his mind but he won't speak out. Even in a...

    Keywords: players-at-heart, relationship, understand your man better, insecure

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    A-rated films, ban on item songs, let us understand the difference between fiction and fact, Understand

    Let us understand the difference between fiction and fact! 09 February 2013

    The Central Board of Film Certification, or the Censor Board, has told the government that instructions in regard to "item songs" in films can no longer be shown on television. Moreover, the government has decided that all such songs will...

    Keywords: adult content in films., A-rated films, adult content in films., Pankaja Thakur

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    Kadapa MLA, mouna deeksha, ysrcp protests at nellore, Understand

    YSRCP protests at Nellore 29 May 2013

    On the second day of their protest on the occasion of Kadapa MLA and YSRCP President YS Jagan's completing one year in Jail, YSRCP burnt effigy of CBI at Nellore.  After finding fault with the investigating agency for confining Jagan...

    Keywords: one year in Jail, secret understanding, YSRCP burnt effigy of CBI, YSRCP burnt effigy of CBI

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    AP news, KCR chandrababu Naidu, kcr naidu kcr jagan in good understanding, Understand

    KCR-Naidu, KCR-Jagan, in good understanding! 18 November 2015

    Telangana Chief Minister KCR has criticized all the opposition parties except YSRCP, in his Warangal by-poll campaigning yesterday. It was known that, Jagan busted on KCR recently, while campaigning in the elections. Being an opposition party and that too, campaigning...

    Keywords: KCR Jagan, AP news, AP news, AP news

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    Happy Employee, Roles in Office, be clear with roles at office, Understand

    Be Clear with Roles at office! 04 April 2015

    It is important to start the job or work in any organization, be it your first or other level job. Since some companies are insisting the employees to adopt new methods and works for profits. When you are clear and...

    Keywords: Happy Employee, Career tip, Happy Employee, Objectivity in Job

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    tips for presentation, tips for presentation, presentation problems, Understand

    Presentation problems? 04 April 2013

    There are many a times when your most important files that you saved on your flash drive to carry from home are corrupt or you might forget the thumb drive all together while coming to the presentation in a hurry...

    Keywords: tips for presentation, google projects, positive thinking, positive thinking

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    understand, greenery, tips to burst your dullness, Understand

    Tips to burst your dullness 27 December 2012

    What? Tired with your daily routine? Feeling frustrated after a long day at work? Just burst your tiredness with these tips; Watch at least some clips of best of the comedy movies… you need not opt for watching your favorite...

    Keywords: health, laugh, focus, focus

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    Silly Jokes, Jokes, understand the sounding of good, Understand

    Understand the sounding of ‘Good’ 21 August 2015

    When my boss says that I’m good, I don’t understand, whether he meant just ‘Good’ or one of the factory goods (thing).   By Phanindra

    Keywords: Jokes, Jokes, Jokes, Silly Jokes

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    boys and girls, girls problems, 5 girlie problems men can never understand, Understand

    5 girlie problems, men can never understand 04 August 2015

    There are a few funny problems where the girls suffer and treat them as a big issue. But to the boys, it matters nothing can see those girls in a different angle. Here are five girlie problems, men can never...

    Keywords: boys and girls, 5 girlie problems, 5 girlie problems, 5 girlie problems

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    hair style, man in good dress, understand your women, Understand

    understand your women 01 December 2012

    Just as Woman want to know how a guy reacts, what he thinks, his likes and dislikes... similar in the case of guys... So guys forget about to know what women like... just know some turn offs of women in...

    Keywords: beauty, man women relation, appreciate women, personality

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    Care tips, Care tips, need not compromise but understand, Understand

    Need not compromise, but understand 13 May 2015

    Is your partner matured and expect the same from you? Are you naughty and expect your partner to be so? Then this tip is for you.You need  not change change or compromise on your behavior, but make them realize how...

    Keywords: Love tips, Romance tips, Romance tips, Love tips

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