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  • All eyes on Yevadu movie, Yevadu Movie Release, all eyes on yevadu, Yevadu movie release

    All eyes on Yevadu 11 January 2014

    Sankranthi is a big season for Tollywood and they claim, any big film which releases first and scores a hit, then that year would be bring good results to them. Well on sentiment grounds, we have to accept this and...

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    Director Vamsi Paidipalli, Actress Amy Jackson, ramcharan s yevadu teaser and theatrical trailer, Yevadu movie release

    Ramcharan's "Yevadu" Teaser And Theatrical Trailer 26 December 2013

    The movie "Yevadu" with Ramcharan Tej in the lead role is readying for its release on January 12.  A teaser and a theatrical trailer are planned to be released on January 1 and 2 in that order.   Release of...

    Keywords: Film News, Yevadu Movie Stills, Music Devi Sri Prasad, Music Devi Sri Prasad

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    Yevadu Movie Release Date, Producer Dil Raju, yevadu to release despite threats from yevadaina, Yevadu movie release

    'Yevadu' To Release Despite Threats From Yevadaina! 05 December 2013

    Dil Raju is stubborn regarding "Yevadu" release. The successful film producer Dil Raju is not perturbed with the competition of his Ramcharan starrer film "Yevadu" with Mahesh Babu's "1" eventhough expectations are mounting up on the later in the film...

    Keywords: Yevadu Movie, Ramcharan's Upcoming movie Yevadu, Yevadu movie release, Ramcharan Yevadu Movie

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    Cinema News, Entertainment News, yevadu freedom song trailer talk, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu Freedom song trailer talk 10 January 2014

    The latest song trailer of Ram Charan's Yevadu which was released yesterday is going gaga all over and the reason for this is, dance moves of Charan in this trailer. Freedom song which is touted to be hero's introduction song...

    Keywords: Yevadu, Cinema News, tollywood news, Freedom song trailer

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    Producer Dil Raju, Actress Amy Jackson, ramcharan s yevadu effect, Yevadu movie release

    Ramcharan's Yevadu Effect 31 October 2013

    Producer Dil Raju is confident about the waves Yevadu is going to create but he has been looking for the right moment to release the movie. Movie release date is also as important as other strategies of publicity like audio...

    Keywords: Ramcharan's Yevadu Effect, Director Vamsi Paidipally, Actress Amy Jackson, Producer Dil Raju

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    Celebrity News, 1 Nenokkadine Movie Release, sunil joining mahesh babu and ramcharan, Yevadu movie release

    Sunil Joining Mahesh Babu And Ramcharan 21 December 2013

    Comedian turned hero Sunil is going to join Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan in the Sankranti Festival season to hit the screens. Sunil acted Bhimavaram Bullodu is produced by Suresh Productions under the direction of Uday Shanker who directed Venkatesh starrer...

    Keywords: Telugu movie news, Comedian Sunil, Sunil Joining Mahesh Babu And Ramcharan, Bhimavaram Bullodu Movie Release

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    Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, Jr NTR's Ramayya Vasthavayya, bhai yevadu masala ekkada, Yevadu movie release

    Bhai, Yevadu masala ekkada? 25 September 2013

    Yevadu's power and Bhai bullets are no where to be found lately. They made a mark soon after a few teaser releases, but there is sudden silence on that front. Nagarjuna's punches have taken a break along with updates from...

    Keywords: Bhai audio release, Pawan Kalyan's Attarintki Daredi, Bhai audio release, Bhai audio release

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    Ramcharan's 'Yevadu' movie, Om 3D movie release, om to combat yevadu, Yevadu movie release

    Om to Combat Yevadu 27 June 2013

    Movie release policy is as important as its making and publicity.   Kalyan Ram's high budget film is slated for the release on July 19 where as Ramcharan's 'Yevadu' is going to release on 25th July.   Although a gap of 6...

    Keywords: Kalyan Ram's Om movie release, Om to Combat Yevadu, Om 3D movie release, Om 3D movie release

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    Yevadu movie release, Yevadu switzerland schedule, ram charan s yevadu completes swiss schedule, Yevadu movie release

    Ram Charan's Yevadu completes Swiss schedule 27 May 2013

    Yevadu is Ram Charan's next highly anticipated and exciting thriller; a news that something we all know. The crew has left for Switzerland to capture the beauty of the place in some melodious songs is what Wishesh has reported earlier....

    Keywords: Yevadu movie working stills, Yevadu movie audio, Yevadu movie audio, Sruthi haasan Ram charan Yevadu movie

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    Yevadu movie songs leaked, Yevadu movie release, yevadu news, Yevadu movie release

    'Yevadu' News 25 June 2013

    Vamshi Paidipalli director of the movie 'Yevadu' in which Ramcharan Tej acted in the lead role, told that the movie will be released in July and all arrangements are being made for it.  Vamsi Paidipalli revealed that some of the...

    Keywords: Vamshi Paidipalli director, Yevadu movie songs leaked, Yevadu movie songs leaked, Yevadu movie

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    Yevadu Movie Photos, 1 and Yevadu movies release, 1 and yevadu not a matching fight, Yevadu movie release

    "1" and "Yevadu" Not A Matching Fight? 16 December 2013

    Some of the cine critics are worried about the fight between Mahesh Babu's "1" and Ramcharan's "Yevadu" which are releasing for the festival of Sankranti. They also remember the competition between their movies during last year Sankranti festival. Ramcharan' Nayak...

    Keywords: Actor Ramcharan Tej, Mahesh Babu's 1 nenokkadine, Movie news, Film News

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    Yevadu movie release, Jr NTR NTR starrer 'Ramayya Vasthavayya', yevadu yeppudu, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu Yeppudu? 19 September 2013

    Producer Dil Raj has two films on hand all ready to release- NTR starrer 'Ramayya Vasthavayya' and Ram Chran starrer 'Yevadu'.  Luck element is prominent in film circles and Dil Raj has ample of it as it proved in many...

    Keywords: Yevadu movie release, Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Attharintiki Daaredhi’, Yevadu Yeppudu, Ramcharan’s movie

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    , , yevadu movie new wallpapers, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu Movie New Wallpapers 07 January 2014

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    Actor Ramcharan Tej, Yevadu Movie, suspense cleared on yevadu release, Yevadu movie release

    Suspense Cleared on 'Yevadu' Release 27 November 2013

    The suspense on the release of Ramcharan Tej's 'Yevadu' is cleared ultimately. It is postponed to Sankranti. Dil Raju announced earlier that the movie will be released on December 19. He was confident that the movie released at an odd...

    Keywords: Yevadu Movie Release, Yevadu Movie Stills, Ramcharan Tej's 'Yevadu', Yevadu Movie Stills

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    Yevadu actress, Cherry, charan s yevadu release postponed, Yevadu movie release

    Charan's Yevadu release postponed 09 July 2013

    Yevadu movie makers are going make Cherry fans wait some more. The film's release has been postponed from 25th July to 31st July. Reasons for the delay have not been disclosed, although technical reasons during post production are to be...

    Keywords: Yevadu release, Yevadu actress, Charan, Charan

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    , , yevadu new wallpapers, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu New Wallpapers 17 January 2014

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    , , yevadu movie hq wallpapers, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu Movie HQ Wallpapers 10 January 2014

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    Allu Arjun, Attarintiki Daredi teaser, yevadu not confused, Yevadu movie release

    Yevadu not confused 17 July 2013

    After many postponements and preponements, Yevadu is not confused anymore. The makers of Ram Charan's Yevadu have decided to release the film on 31st July, just a week before Attarintiki Daredi. Pawan Kalyan is definitely not threatened, as Pawanism is...

    Keywords: Charan look in Yevadu, director Vamshi, Dil Raju, Ram Charan

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    Ramcharan Allu Arjun In Yevadu Movie, Ramcharan Yevadu Movie, who dominates whom, Yevadu movie release

    Who Dominates Whom? 02 December 2013

    There has been a talk that Allu Arjun may dominate Ramcharan in the movie "Yevadu" though his role is a cameo with not more than 15 minutes long.  How?  Here is the reason they give. Ramcharan starrer “Yevadu” is going...

    Keywords: Actor Ramcharan, Charan Allu Arjun Dance in Yevadu Movie, Actor Ramcharan, Ramcharan Movie Yevadu

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    Music by Devi Sri Prasad, Ramcharan’s Yevadu movie release date, ramcharan s yevadu hits screens on december 19, Yevadu movie release

    Ramcharan's Yevadu Hits Screens on December 19 20 November 2013

    Dil Raju who has been waiting for the right time to release Ramcharan Tej starred "Yevadu" finally decided to release on December 19 leaving everyone wonder why an odd time is chosen when Pongal is at the corner.  Waiting for...

    Keywords: Dil Raj, Ramcharan's Yevadu movie, Director Vamsi Paidipally, Yevadu Movie

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