Five Signs that prove that your Child is Suffering from Mental Health Issues

February 15, 2021 17:04
Five Signs that prove that your Child is Suffering from Mental Health Issues

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Five Signs that prove that your Child is Suffering from Mental Health Issues:- Adults and kids are equally prone to mental health issues. For kids, if it is not rectified at an early age, it would be a huge problem in adulthood. The children may show different symptoms when compared to the adults. A study reported that 12 percent of the Indian children are suffering from behavioural problems along with mental health issues in the country. The biggest shock is that around 95 percent of them do not get any help due to the lack of knowledge. Some of the common issues are Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) and Anxiety Disorders. Here are some of the signs that the kids are suffering with mental health disorders:

Pain, headaches, muscle tension and insomnia along with restlessness are the symptoms of mental health issues. Anxiety can lead to several problems among children. If your kids have frequent complaints of any of the issues mentioned, please consult a doctor immediately.

Excessive fear among the children is also a sign for mental health disorders. Children with traumatic events will have frequent nightmares and this can damage the mental health of the children. These issues should be addressed immediately.

If there is a drastic change in the behaviour of the kid, it means that they are suffering with a kind of mental health issue. Always find the root cause for the change or take the help of the professional. More bonding with the kids can resolve such issues.

If there is a drop in the performance of the kids, please take them seriously. Skipping the classes and not paying attention is also a sign of mental health issue. The parents should talk to the kids and try to know about what is deviating them from studies. A small incident in the school can change their mind and it should be addressed.

If there is a weight loss in your kid, it is a sign of depression. This may be due to various reasons and it can have an impact on the daily activities. This can lead to poor appetite and lose the weight. One should consult a behavioural theraphy at the right time to get rid of this problem.

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