‘Splits’, a hurdle for your life!

December 17, 2011 18:05
‘Splits’, a hurdle for your life!

Oh God! This Spilt ends are actually a very big pain. You need to cut them, in return your hair would be at a loss. No matter how much you maintain your hair, whatever might be a brand of the shampoo that you use, end of the day, you end up having a lot of spilt ends in your hair. Now, how to answer these; in a natural way… let’s have a idea;

Split ends are also known as trichoptilosis. It is more prevalent among women with long hair as they avoid regular trimming. As the hair grows and attains a certain length, the protective layer cuticle gets damaged and the fibers of the inner layers, the cortex and medulla get thrashed. Generally, the hair splits into two or three strands, each strand measuring two to three centimeters in length. The remedy under such conditions is the trimming of hair on a regular basis. If you pay no heed to this condition, the situation will deteriorate. The splits will continue up the hair shaft leading to greater damage of the hair and it needs to be cut.

Split ends are dreaded by every woman. Splits are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair and the typical causes of damage include excessive dying or vigorous brushing. There are easier ways of getting rid of split ends. Do-it-yourself hair trims are a way out. Here are some tips for removing split ends.

Hold small sections of hair and carefully and twist them in a gentle downward move. Any split ends will stick out.

Carefully nick the twist with sharp scissors. Dont cut right through. Just cut into the thickness to eliminate the damaged cuticles and bring a natural layered look.

Be careful and ensure to cut approximately at the same level from each twist.

Sometimes, the simplest and the least expensive ideas serve us better. So, you can confidently go in for trimming! The following is the treatment for split ends.

Add I tsp honey to 2 tbsp of olive oil and beat it 1 egg yolk. Massage this on hair in small sections. Cover the head with shower cap for about 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo the hair.

Massage hair and scalp with warm avocado or olive oil. Wrap hair securely in a towel. Leave oil on hair for about 8 hours or overnight. Wrap the hair in a shower cap overnight to avoid staining pillows and bed. Wash hair and rinse with vinegar/water solution.

Take half cup olive oil and half cup boiling water. Pour olive oil and boiling water into large glass bottle or jar with a lid. Wrap a towel around the bottle to avoid burning your hands. Shake well till the oil is emulsified. Massage it into hair and take care not to burn your head. Put a shower cap or a plastic bag on your head and wrap it in a hot towel soaked in hot water and wrung out. Leave the mixture on your hair for about half hour and then shampoo it as usual.

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