A lean body!

February 09, 2012 13:49
A lean body!

A lean body is a dream of everyone. But, the challenge is to make our dream come true… here are some tips that can help you look lean within very few days…

Create a realistic goal. Generally, it is not recommended to drop an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time. Plan for the future by creating a 5-day goal, 10-day goal, 15-day goal to keep working toward progress. After you've set your short-term goals, develop longer-term goals such as 1-month and 2-month goals.

Exercise first thing in the morning. Go for a jog or run steps for at least a half hour each morning. Exercising is one of the safest and easiest ways to lose weight and feel better overall. Increasing you exercise time to one hour or more if you were active before will help you burn more calories quicker and lose more weight.

Eat a well-balanced diet. Eating raw fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to keep your digestive system active and healthy. Snack on raw fruits and vegetables at least three times a day, including between each meal so you never feel hungry.

Drink a lot of water. Cut out any fruit drinks, juice, and soda as these are full of unnecessary sugars that are not beneficial for your body. Drink at least 64-ounces of water each day to keep your body well-hydrated and aid in digestion of food.

Decrease your calorie intake. Do not starve yourself; instead eat a healthy assortment of grilled fish and chicken, fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating a lot of red meats, sugars, and food that is unhealthy or has no dietary benefits for your body. Remember the way to lose weight is take in fewer calories than you burn in a day.

Keep a record of all of your foods with calorie counts and exercise performed with calories burned. This will allow you to know exactly what you need to improve quickly in order to see results in as little as five days.

However, it has to be remembered that in the process of losing weight and enhancing your look more, your health should never take a back seat.

So, plan, execute and live your dream of a attractive, lean and well-shaped figure.

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