Rock the Disco with your look!

February 29, 2012 12:10
Rock the Disco with your look!

Even though hitting a disco party has become a age old concept, till date there are many like you and me who have never experienced this experience…

Now, the biggest challenge even in this case is, what to wear for a disco party to look best… let us try and sort out the same;

Look good in red? Going for sexy? Go as Little red riding hood! According to surveys, according men, red is the sexiest color. Red will make you stand out unlike any other color. If it's impact and out-doing others is what your going for, choose red!

Snow white is a costume for women who like glamour, pretty and fantasy all in one. The colors of this out fit are great, and will look good on most skin tones. This costume will look especially good on women with dark hair and red lipstick. If your hair isn't dark, but you would like to wear this costume, try a wig, or a rinse out dye.

Going to a dress-up party as a fairy might not be the most original idea, but this fairy costume in particular is a bit different. This fairy dress is covered in fiber optic lights on the front of the skirt of this dress. There is a hidden on/off switch in a pocket of the dress. So while there may well be other fairies amongst the people of a dress-up party, you are likely to be the only twinkling one, in this dress, complimenting the over all fairy imitation.

Okay so i have a thing for Disney, just the outfits though, they have an extra sense of fantasy about them. Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite outfits, ideal for a girly- girl, or a blonde whom likes to make a point of it!

The hippie is a popular choice with dress-up parties, so make sure your the best lookin' hippie there, in this dress! This outfit would be my first choice for a 70's themed dress-up party. It's also a good option if you don't want to look over the top, and like to blend into the crowd rather than stand out, but still look great.

Like the model in the picture, add chunky jewelery, hairspray, or add a hippie wig to compliment the outfit.

If your a bit of a hippie, or have a thing for tribal and boho styles, express that with this tribal princess costume. Wear boots, or strappy sandals to pull off the overall Indian/tribal style.

If your a sucker for vintage, take it to another level with full on 1920' s inspired glamour. As this outfit is all black and elegance, it is bound to look good on anyone.

Curl your hair, and wear with black stilettos to compliment.

Love your tummy? Show it off in this outfit! The genie dress-up costume isn't all that common, so it's a good option if you want to be a bit different. Blue looks good on most people, although this outfit is one for women who's stomachs are one of their best bodily assets.

All these appear to be crazy to you? Kabhikabhi craziness bhizaroorihai!

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