Mistake! Guilt for life time?

October 04, 2011 13:33
Mistake! Guilt for life time?

MistakeWomen‘Mistakes are bound to happen. No one is exception for this. Right from the most successful person in life to the person who have experienced only failures, throughout his life, every one of us have done mistakes. There is a no big deal’…

What a positive thought! But, if we sit back and think about our life, do we also feel the same? Do we move on not considering the darker side of the life or we just stuck back atleast for a while?

It brings me back to the question, why are we not accepting the fact of life?

When mistakes are bound to happen, certain things that we can’t even think of changing, instead of accepting and living with the same, why are we running from it?

It is just because we want to change ourselves and life and if anything does not go well as per our rules set, we end up in a guilt or dilemma.

Even I used to feel really bad about all those mistakes I have done in my life, with my life till date. Yes, I do agree that I really feel very guilty of hurting my loved ones, not keeping up to their belief, and in some scenarios, screwing up myself. But, soon I would come out of the thoughts, considering despite of me making all the mistakes, my loved ones still believing me I would not do the same here after. And more over, thanks to all those darker side of my life, that has taught me the importance of being careful, taking each decision with a proper maturity, working day in and day out to keep up to the trust of my people who believed me when I myself lost believe in me, the happiness in leading a peaceful life and at the end of the day, going to bed with a feel good factor and no complaints from my life. all these put together, made me learn how to accept the darker side of your life and live with the same, not letting these situations happen in our life here after.

Now, this definitely does not mean that I am picture perfect today. Till date, I tend to make mistakes in my daily life. It could be as simple as lack of proper planning of my day to as big as being so careless to lose 100 bugs. But, I can confidently say that I am careful in not making blunders that will for sure destroy one’s life.

It is not that I did not know this way of leading a life earlier. But it is only that once you face the blunder made by you, then you would understand the fact of life!

So, do not feel negative about what you have done. Instead every minute of your life as a lesson and learn to live with it, working on to make our life better each day.

Wishing us a Happy Living!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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