Stress in Pregnancy!

December 05, 2011 13:20
Stress in Pregnancy!

Even though the Nine months of Pregnancy is a bliss, in reality right from the time you get pregnant and even post delivery, almost everyone of us would suffer from a lot of stress and even more mood swings that sometimes cost our relationship and our mental ability as well. The basic reason of all these stress developing in our mind set being as simple as certain biological and physical changes in our body that would lead to a change in our mind and thought process as well. However, in reality, all this is not as simple as it would appear. The change in our mindset is how we recognize it, handle the same and always stay calm and composed irrespective of the situation. But, in reality, not reacting to a situation is not possible atleast for our human beings. During pregnancy, even you cannot analyze or else know why you are getting frustrated or angry or why you are happy for any situation. Sometimes, these kinds of mood swings would rule our mind without our intention.

With all these disturbances, how can we handle them and yet stay the same? Let’s view this perspective from the more positive phase;

When you have the basic knowledge of the mood swings, thought process and physical changes ruling your body and mind during pregnancy, work on not reacting to anything in particular. It is better to make your routine, as routine as possible and sometimes you can give yourself a surprise as well, by having your favorite food, or shopping for yourself. More than physical, our mental state of mind works more fast, so please take that thought of pregnant women not being normal and they always suffering from one problem or the other, to happen in your situation as well. You are just welcoming another family member in your life who is special so have the maturity and also that thought process of accepting the changes in life and yet balancing the situations. Be as normal as you can, work as you used to do before pregnancy and take that ‘bit’ of extra care of your health as well. It is better to avoid all that junk food and oily snacks as much as you can for a better physical and mental status.

Not only during the pregnancy time, have you needed to concentrate on your health post delivery as well. Because, you would be having an additional responsibility of being a mother as well. So, eat as healthier as you can, just start going to Yoga classes, drink lots of water, try taking a break from regular works as well and get some time for yourself spending that time with your friends, chilling out at a coffee shop, experiencing the nature at the evening by planning a sit out at a park, shopping a bit for your kid as well and most important, spending time with your kid, watching the new born, the innocence and you too getting into that innocence.

It is all in us, how we handle the situations be it during pregnancy and post delivery as well. The more happy and healthy you are the more positive atmosphere, people around you and your kid would be. In short, your life would be great!

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