Women in your life

March 02, 2013 12:35
Women in your life

Even before we women started working some years ago and today have reached a point where it is proved Women are much better when compared to men, at work, managing multi-tasking and being successful in whatever we do.

But, even before woman stepping out of the home and started working, Woman are always known as multi taskers. Best examples are our grand moms and even mothers for many of us. Of course, they have not gone out and earned by working, but they possess a skill that would have helped you got your pocket money when needed, when your father refused to give you so and many times proved to be a solace to all those financial issues that have cropped un expectedly, when your father himself was searching for some perks to solve these issues.

We are working today... my job is to write and you are reading the article as a part of your coffee break. But, neither for you nor for me reaching this stage would have been possible without our moms being supportive, being there whenever we need them and when we thought we don't need them as well, have beard all our tantrums, frustrations for no reason we end up showing on them, have been patient, forgiven the biggest mistakes that we have done and always been our guide, mentor and the first psychologist of our lives.

Be our friend, mother, colleague, teacher and a neighbor, women has always been a stepping stone for our success at various phases of our lives.

On this mother's day, let us make it special for our mother and Women around us. Let us make them understand their importance that they have forgotten in the process of giving importance to us all through their lives.

Make this mother's day to turn a tribute to every women who has been a bliss for mankind...

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