Explore Ashtamudi: Gateway to Kerala BackWaters

August 17, 2023 20:05
Explore Ashtamudi: Gateway to Kerala BackWaters

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Explore Ashtamudi: Gateway to Kerala BackWaters:- Ashtamudi Lake, the 8 arms or channels for which it got the name or eight hair braids in the local language. This place is famous for the backwaters of Kerala and houseboat rides. This place falls in between Kollam and Alappuzha, which is considered the best place for backwater activities. The lush greenery is a special attraction for the exotic biodiversity tour.

Ashtamudi Lake falls in Kollam district. Along with the bank of a lake and throughout the backwater canals we see coconut groves and palm trees, the historic port city Kollam (formerly Quilon) is on the bank of this river. This place is also accessible to many places around through public transport.

Ashtamudi Lake boat journey offers an 8-hour trip in a traditional houseboat. The Lake is the best-explored place for boat trips, where we go through the wetlands and the mangrove forests. The lake is blackish (salty) and has a network of waterways, islands, estuaries and lagoons. Lake is in total area of 61 sq km. This place is also surrounded by many small villages and various different cultures along with local traditions. It's better to have a handy camera, as we never knew what surprises this place will give to get a perfect picture for your Instagram. Besides eye feast, anyone can fall in love with delicious local cuisines.

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