Arvind Kejriwal Full Speech After Swearing In

December 28, 2013 13:13
Arvind Kejriwal Full Speech After Swearing In

He started his speech with Bharat Mataki Jai and Inquilab Zindabad. Then he saluted the audience addressing them as sisters and brothers and youngers and elders. 

He said the event is historical as the swearing is not by Kejriwal or others as CM and State Ministers but by the common people. He said that the fighting is not done by the Aam Admi Party to make Kejriwal a Chief Minsiter or to make these Ministers but it is only to make the common man win and common man won!

He said that we all were disappointed with the happenings in the political field and feared that nothing can be done about it.  But Delhi people proved that it can be done.  He said that he takes it as a miracle for which he thanks God (He mentioned names of Gods of all religions).

Kejriwal said that it is only a beginning and a long fight is ahead which cannot be won by Kejriwal or Ministers alone.  He said that he doesn’t have all the answers for the problems.  He said that he doesn’t have a magic wand to change the system tomorrow.  But, he said that he is sure that it can be achieved with the help of one and half crore people of Delhi but not by CM or Ministers or by police.

He recollected Anna Hazare’s words that the politics is totally polluted.  But, he said that it has to be entered to cleanse it.  He agreed that the education system, health and medical care, electricity and water supply and road conditions are bad in Delhi due to the polluted politics.  Kejriwal said that the fighting is going on for the last 2 years to clean it.

Kejriwal said that some people have warned him that the officers will not allow the system to be cleansed.  But he says that it is not correct.  He says that all are not corrupt.  He has ways to relieve the country from corruption and poverty.

He warned the party men that they may get ego by the authority they got. If it happens, he fears that the entire fight will go waste. He said that if the party get egoistic, another party has to take birth to remove this party. He said that they have come to the politics to serve people but not to become chief minister or ministers. 


Kejriwal said that a big responsibility is kept on their shoulders. He expressed his fears seeing the expectations of the people. He prayed God that wisdom and good behavior should be bestowed upon him.

Praising BJP candidate Harshwardhan that he is a known to him and good person, he said he is not talking about BJP for that matter.  He asked addressing the BJP party men to ask themselves and if they think that AAP is doing something good for the people they may support it forgetting that they belong to some other party.  He also said that he is not afraid of whether the party gets support or not when the time comes to show their strength to form Government.  He said that he will go back to join the common people again. 

He said that miraculous change is happening. When Anna Hazare started fighting against corruption entire nation moved with him. When a girl was sexually assaulted all came out protested.  The way the change is happening and awakening is coming up, he said that one day it will really become a ‘Soneki Chidiayan’- a golden bird.

Kejriwal said bribe is bad thing in the society but if anyone asks not to refuse to pay! After a silence in astonishment from the audience, he said that use a phone number that will be announced soon, to intimate it to the authorities.  He said that they will be caught red handed.  Do not refuse to pay but catch them is the message he has given before he ended his speech by asking the people to take a oath repeating his words. 

"I promise that I will neither pay bribe nor take bribe in my life".  It was repeated. 

He then sang the party's prayer as he described the Hindi song- "Insanka insanse ho bhai chara yahi paigam humara...."


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