Vanpic funds case : Sentiment bombs on CBI

May 01, 2013 16:20
Vanpic funds case : Sentiment bombs on CBI

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has tried all forms of extortion to get out of the bars of CBI after being arrested for the illegal assets he possessed but all his efforts are in vain. None of them has worked, and now he has a new strategy. Using his wife for the emotional atyaachaar of the CBI officers to get him out of jail before the 2014 General Elections.

It is known that the courts are now dealing with the Vadarevu and Nizampatnam ports and industrial corridor (Vanpic) episode of the Jagan assets case. In this case Nimmagadda Prasad procured Rs 278 crore from Vanpic Projects Pvt Ltd to implement the project.

However, all his investments from the money were in various other projects that were completely irrelevant. Majority of the investments were made in favor of Bharati Cements, Saraswati Power, Maa TV, Jagati Publications and so on. CBI who are dealing this case have a different kind of pressure now.

Prasad's wife, Asha Prasad, who was at the hearing for a while later stormed out and then started arguing with the officers. She asked the DIG to show some mercy since they had toddlers who were dependant on their father. Emotionally trying to blackmail the officers, Asha questioned them "Don't you have kids?" posing a sensitve question to be pondered before the judgement.

DIG Venkatesh who was on the receiving end however was not moved by the poor show. He casually smiled while walking away. This resulted in an endless string of curses flung at him. Venkatesh was diligent enough to leave the court to deal with the misdemeanor.

A very similar story was seen in Jagan's case when his wife Bharati Reddy questioned Venkatesh on Monday.

The most vigilant ones are the ones that err. The corrupt leaders are trying to find any path that will lead them out of the sticky mess that they have gotten into. If only they tried to think of these situations more carefully in the past before the crimes, they would have not been in these positions today.

Earlier in the case when Karnataka cader IAS officer Ratna Prabha deposed for the CBI, she told them that the Prasad couple had fraudulent activities sanctioned by the then CM and revenue minister. Accordind to the Urban Land Ceiling, one family (that includes husband, wife and minor kids) may be exempted from the act under the same GO considering that they all form a single unit. But Nimmagadda Prasad and Asha Bharadwaj had shown their properties as two different entities who were not related while gaining exemption under the ULC with two different GOs. Not merely that, they also had mentioned that Asha had no property to herself as a spouse though the earlier mentioned GO exemption of ULC was registered in her name for 2512 sq.m of land in Hyderabad. In these documents she mentioned her father name instead of mentioning her marital status which clearly attests their fraudulent activities converting real estate after quoting wrong records.

Did they not think about the children of the several thousand others who they robbed; leaving them in similar situations then? Greed of these politicians has gone too far that they are only interested in amassing wealths and pushing their children to be billionaires illegally by stealing the money from common men. Obviously, the kids will learn the path of the parents and the vicious cycle will never end. Is this the fate of the state and the nation?

(AW- Anil)

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