Hope Dims: Chandrayaan 3 fails to wake up

September 27, 2023 14:27
Hope Dims: Chandrayaan 3 fails to wake up

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Hope Dims: Chandrayaan 3 fails to wake up:- Even though there was very little chance of the wake of Chandrayaan 3, ISRO and the public of the nation were waiting for its wake-up. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was hoping for the wake of Vikram lander and Pragyaan rover with the sunrise at the lunar space on September 22nd. As each hour passed by, the hopes of the lander and rover woke up turned dimmer.

ISRO tried to extend the lifespan of the mission by shutting down all the operations of the instruments before the lunar sunset. The rover and lander were kept in sleep mode to sustain the lunar temperatures at lunar night, which is 14 Earth days. There was hope for the battery to charge up again when the sun rose on the Moon. Sadly the Vikram and Prayaan are not designed to sustain at the extreme temperatures on the Moon in the nighttime. The temperature is expected to drop to minus 200 degrees, where the electronics will freeze and be destroyed.

Besides this, Chandrayaan 3 was a successful mission. It has revealed that the moon's soil is not really dusty but it is lumpy. Chandrayaan-3 also has sent a huge amount of data regarding the soil, hinting that the soil might help in the potential discovery of water and eventually human habitation.

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