Foods that improve complexion with healthy skin

May 04, 2012 17:14
Foods that improve complexion with healthy skin

Are you worried over aging skin? Do you want a glowing skin without using any artificial creams? We have something to tell you to keep your skin free of wrinkles, ageing, dryness, thickness and stuff like that. A little concentration on diet would work wonders on your skin. Take the four foods for a couple of weeks and notice the difference.

1. Carrots: Carrots are not only excellent sources of Vitamin A but also Vitamin C. While the former vitamin ensures that your eyes glow, latter vitamin promises a better skin by removing wrinkles and darks spots on your skin. So, make sure you take as many carrots as possible for better skin. Also, it need not be cooked carrots. The vitamins will be the same if you take it raw also.

2. Red Bell peppers: Red Bell peppers would be helpful in boosting the production of collagen, which will be helpful in keeping the skin firm.

3. Poultry: Several medical reports have proved that women who take low poultry food had low proteins, which are essential in keeping skin young. In fact, skin not only gets older but breaks in case enough protein food is not taken and rich proteins are found in poultry.

4. Flax and Flaxeed oil: Flax contains alpha-lenolenic acid that will be helpful in keeping the skin moist. You should take this more in case you experience red and itchy skin.

So take these four foods everyday and keep your skin free of wrinkles, spots, dryness and dullness. (Phani)

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