Dieting impacts the energy balance of a human body

June 24, 2021 16:12
Dieting impacts the energy balance of a human body

Dieting impacts the energy balance of a human body:- Several researchers from the Charite -- Universitatsmedizin Berlin and the University of California in San Francisco conducted a detailed analysis which said that a very low calorie diet alters the composition of the microbiota that is present in the human gut. The study is published in the Journal Nature publication and the researchers reported that the dieting results in the increase of specific bacteria which is named as Clostridioides difficile. This is associated with the diarrhoea and colits.

This affects the energy balance of the human body on the absorption of the nutrients from the gut. The gut microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms and it differs from person to person. In all those who are overweight or obese, the composition is completely different to that found in the individuals with normal body weight. An international team of researchers co-led by Charite answered several questions related to these. They said that a very low calorie diet is produced and it has major changes in the composition of the gut microbiome and they impact the energy balance completely. To explore the impact of dieting, the team studied several women who are overweight for a duration of 16 weeks.

The participants were examined at the Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC). The study told that the dieting reduced the number of microorganisms present in the gut and changed the composition.

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