Why We Should Not Stop Sneezing?

August 21, 2023 12:45
Why We Should Not Stop Sneezing?

Why We Should Not Stop Sneezing?:- In the sneezing process our skin will clear irritants from the nasal and also build pressure inside the respiratory tract. Sneezing is a natural reaction, which should not be suppressed. Sneezing is a process of the respiratory system. It clears particles and any other potential viruses present.

However we should never stop sneezing, this might injure us. A British man attempted to stop a sneeze and injured his throat. He claimed to stop it by shutting his mouth and by blocking both nostrils, the forced sneeze has injured his throat. The man then experienced a painful swallow, a change in his voice and also swelling in his neck, according to BMJ case reports.

When we stop a sneeze, it looks for other ways to escape the pressure and more often ends up choosing the weaker areas of the body. In this man's case, the pressure has caused a hole in the back of the throat, said Dr Parth Hingol, consultant ENT surgeon, at HCG Hospital Rajkot.

According to medical experts, surpassing the sneeze might cause damage to the eardrum, increase intraocular pressure and can also cause injury to the blood vessels. After the injury, the pain will be terrible and so better not to stop sneezing.

The natural process should finish naturally. We should not restrict it by closing our mouths or nose. Let the sneeze happen, it is just a physiological reaction, which is necessary to maintain the health of the body's airways.

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