Special Exercises For A Frozen Shoulder

July 28, 2022 20:53
Special Exercises For A Frozen Shoulder

Special Exercises For A Frozen Shoulder:- Frozen Shoulder may happen to anyone and at any age. When the pain appears, it takes almost three years to get relieved from the pain and stress. It is always important to treat the Frozen Shoulder before the arm stops working. A lot of medication and exercise is needed for the frozen shoulder. In some of the cases, the doctors suggest Arthoscopic surgery to loosen the joint to get the joint move freely. One can take the support of a physiotherapist to relive from the frozen shoulders. Take a warmup before performing the exercise. Use a moist heating pad.

Pendulum Stretch: You have to relax on your shoulders, lean and stand over and allow your arm to hang down. Swing your arm in a circular motion for ten times. Repeat the same exercise on a regular basis till there is a relief.

Towel Stretch: Take a towel and hold it behind the back with opposite ends and keep the second hand in a horizontal position. Use the good arm to pull the impacted arm upward and stretch it for 20 minutes on a regular basis.

Cross-body Stretch: Stand straight and keep the impacted arm straight with the other arm at the elbow. Bring it up and stretch the shoulder. Repeat the same exercise for 20 times in a day.

Surgery: If the problem continues after exercise and physiotherapy, the doctors prescribe surgical methods and even surgery to remove the scar tissues from the joint. The surgery is conducted through tubular instruments.

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