Health Benefits of Brisk Walking

May 05, 2022 18:19
Health Benefits of Brisk Walking

Health Benefits of Brisk Walking:- As per the recent study that was published in the journal Communications Biology, brisk walking can have a lot of health benefits. The article was titled Investigation of a UK biobank cohort reveals causal associations of self-reported walking pace with telomere length. The research was done based on the link between the walking pace and the telomere length. Walking pace is responsible for what you eat, how active you are and how much you sleep. Brisk walking boosts the muscle health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

Brisk walking also strengthens the bones and makes your mental health better. It can also help you in weight management. Brisk walking also supports well being and reduces stress and keeps you away from diseases.

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