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    Drink to lose it 06 July 2013

    Lose the weight that is. A liter of water a day is an economical and easy way to lose a few. It was found that people who drink at least two cups of water a day before every meal lose...

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    Masala film, Masala release, ram wants masala food before masala release, Dieting

    Ram wants masala food before Masala release 18 October 2013

    Ram is in a celebratory mood. With so many festivals following one after the other, anyone would find it hard to resist all the delicious home made food. In the case of Tollywood actors, who are paying a lot of...

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    Metabolism food, Metabolism dieting, here are some diet hacks to boost metabolism, Dieting

    Here are some diet hacks to Boost Metabolism 21 February 2022

    Here are some diet hacks to Boost Metabolism:- Metabolism is a chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. Some of the people opt to boos their metabolic rate in the process of losing weight. It is an effective...

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    Dieting impacts the energy balance of a human body 24 June 2021

    Dieting impacts the energy balance of a human body:- Several researchers from the Charite -- Universitatsmedizin Berlin and the University of California in San Francisco conducted a detailed analysis which said that a very low calorie diet alters the composition...

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    dieting together, best couple ever, couples diet and exercise together is better, Dieting

    Couples Diet and Exercise together is better 06 January 2012

    Couples that diet and exercise together get better results than trying to go at it alone. I recently entered a "Biggest Loser" competition at work. When my wife found out she decided that dieting and exercise was a good idea...

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    Fitness, Health, why excessive dieting is a bad idea, Dieting

    Why excessive dieting is a bad idea 02 July 2013

    Women across the world have always battled with weight problems. It is a known fact that women are under continual pressure to look thinner. However, many resort to harmful methods of losing weight. Reasons for these trials could range from...

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    Eat these for weight loss 09 June 2014

    Have you been trying hard to lose weight without much success. Even after dieting your weight doesn't seem to decrease much. Fret not. Here are a few foods that will boost your efforts in weight loss. Apples Apple not only...

    Keywords: Bell peppers, weight loss, weight loss, Eat these for weight loss

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    maintain flawless, maintain flawless, how to maintain flawless healthy nails, Dieting

    How to maintain flawless, healthy nails... 09 August 2012

    It's important to maintain beautiful and healthy nails. Read on to find out why and how you can achieve flawless nails Like waxing and moisturising your hands, your nails too need equal attention. Proper care and attention must be ensured...

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    Women think about men sex, Women think about men sex, women care about looks men sex, Dieting

    Women care about looks, men sex 06 December 2011

    A new survey has found, Women think more about how they look than they do about men. It also found that women think more about food than they do about sex and put much more effort into dieting and their...

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    drink water, beverage, unbelievable but true, Dieting

    Unbelievable but true 26 February 2013

    Yes this mind sound very weird and UN believable as well, but it is proven that if you stand for 3 hours in a day, you will reduce 4 kgs in a year. No exercise and nothing. Just standing and...

    Keywords: running, drink water, weight loss, yoga

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    lose weight, reduce weight, dieters must avoid these, Dieting

    Dieters must avoid these 08 July 2013

    As we try starve ourselves for a slimmer body, many go overboard in avoiding all tasty food and end up putting on weight all over again after a binge phase. Here are a few mistakes that dieters make and those...

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