Dieters must avoid these

July 08, 2013 15:26
Dieters must avoid these

As we try starve ourselves for a slimmer body, many go overboard in avoiding all tasty food and end up putting on weight all over again after a binge phase. Here are a few mistakes that dieters make and those everyone must avoid.

Eat your favorite foods in moderation, otherwise it becomes impossible to keep dieting. The forbidden foods will ultimately make the dieter cheat. Same goes with fatty food. Some stay away from the whole food group. This is not healthy because your body needs fats in optimal quantities.

Keep the patience and lose weight slowly. It doesn't help of you lose more than a few kgs over a month. The weight will be back before you know it. To lose weight effectively, keep realistic goals and lose it slowly but steadily.  

Eat when you're hungry and also check the portions. Never skip meals, which in turn leads to overcompensating during the next meal. One has to eat when the body needs fuel, although in limited quantities.

Eating too little is another common mistake that dieters make. Taking too less cuts back on the nutrition offered to you body. About 1,200 is the bare minimum calories an individual needs to function normally. More than than is necessary to gain proper nutrition.

The biggest mistake is when dieters think exercising gives them the license to eat high calorie sugary food. The thumb rule of dieting is to reduce calorie intake and increase calorie output. A little planning can help to keep the balance.


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