• Almond and Pistachio combination recipes, how to prepare almond pistachio shrikhand, recipe almond and pistachio shrikhand, Almonds

    Recipe: Almond and Pistachio Shrikhand 30 May 2015

    Almonds and pistachios are one of the healthy nuts usually used in desserts for garnishing. Almond and Pistachio Shrikhand is a Gujarati dessert recipe, prepared in a simple way by infusing saffron, milk and hung curd. By following this simple...

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    beauty benefits of almond, beauty benefits of almond, amazing benefits of soaked almonds for skin, Almonds

    Amazing benefits of soaked almonds for skin 01 May 2015

    Almonds are also called as Badam, adds extra goodness to your hair and skin with its amazing beauty properties. It is also called as ‘wonder food’ with its most important medicinal properties. It is rich in antioxidants and omega 3...

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    Matki, dry fruits, healthy almond malai kulfi, Almonds

    Healthy Almond Malai Kulfi 04 October 2012

    Healthy Almond Malai Kulfi Tasty food is something no one can resist, but they are seldom healthy. They have excess of the ingredients that would not be acceptable according to the dieticians. But there are few tasty and healthy foods...

    Keywords: , saffron, saffron, dry fruits

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    Almonds latest, Almonds latest, almonds the best fix for your wrinkles, Almonds

    Almonds: The Best Fix For Your Wrinkles 11 October 2019

    Almonds: The Best Fix For Your Wrinkles:- If you are consuming almonds on a daily basis, they will help you reduce the severity of facial wrinkles said a survey and this would be more effective in post-menopausal women. This study...

    Keywords: Almonds best snack, benefits of almonds, Almonds, Almonds

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    Walnuts and Almonds updates, Walnuts, one should start their mornings with nuts, Almonds

    One Should Start Their Mornings With Nuts 20 September 2021

    One Should Start Their Mornings With Nuts:- It is always important to maintain a healthy diet to maintain a long life and have an energetic day. Always have some fibre and antioxidants in the mornings. It is quite important to...

    Keywords: Soaked almonds, Soaked walnuts, Walnuts, Walnuts and Almonds updates

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    Diabetes and Cholesterol almonds, Diabetes and Cholesterol, almonds best for diabetes and cholesterol risk, Almonds

    Almonds best for Diabetes and Cholesterol risk 09 July 2021

    Almonds best for Diabetes and Cholesterol risk:- Eating almonds twice in a day will improve your glucose metabolism and will keep a check in the cholesterol levels. This is revealed as per a study. It said that the consumption of...

    Keywords: Almonds for diabetes, Almonds uses, Almonds uses, Almonds help

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    healthy snack, healthy lifestyle, healthy life style happy you, Almonds

    Healthy life style... happy you 07 January 2013

    You must have known what to eat to be healthy... now, have a look at how you can eat healthy; Keep a check on what are you eating... eat on right time and in right quantity... by this time, you...

    Keywords: healthy snack, almonds, spicy food, health tips

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    news from naturopathy, Etv2 live, pista almonds can boost men s libido, Almonds

    Pista (Almonds) can boost Men’s libido 07 September 2011

    It`s hard to imagine that a natural food that tastes as good as an almond can have such a profound beneficial effect on health. In a report from Sin Chew Daily a study showed that almonds have a high quantity...

    Keywords: Etv2 live, advice for men, Metro wishesh, news from naturopathy

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    weight loss, weight loss, eat these for weight loss, Almonds

    Eat these for weight loss 09 June 2014

    Have you been trying hard to lose weight without much success. Even after dieting your weight doesn't seem to decrease much. Fret not. Here are a few foods that will boost your efforts in weight loss. Apples Apple not only...

    Keywords: Eat these for weight loss, dieting, weight loss, weight loss

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