• Indonesian fisherman, mutant baby shark human face, indonesian fisherman spots mutant baby shark with a human face, Fisherman

    Indonesian Fisherman spots Mutant Baby Shark with a Human Face 27 February 2021

    Indonesian Fisherman spots Mutant Baby Shark with a Human Face:- A fisherman in Indonesia managed to spot an odd-looking mutant shark baby with a human face in bizarre turn. The deformed creature was spotted by the fisherman as per the...

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    Fisherman, Fish with whiskey bottle latest updates, fisherman traces an unopened whiskey bottle in the stomach of a fish, Fisherman

    Fisherman traces an unopened whiskey bottle in the stomach of a fish 23 June 2021

    Fisherman traces an unopened whiskey bottle in the stomach of a fish:- In a shocking incident, a fisherman could find an unopened bottle of a whiskey in the stomach of a fish and the video is now going viral all...

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    Abu Dhabi, US ambassador, us apologises for the accidental killing of an indian fisherman, Fisherman

    US apologises for the accidental killing of an Indian Fisherman 17 July 2012

    Following the incident of the accidental killing of one Indian fisherman and injuries to three others, Nancy Powell, US ambassador to India had called foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai and told him that she deeply regretted the loss. She also assured...

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    crab fishers, Head of Al Salama Police Station, chinese fisherman drowns in the sea, Fisherman

    Chinese fisherman drowns in the sea! 29 June 2013

    The shocking incident occurred at Umm Al Quwain beach on Tuesday night where a man drowned in the sea while crab fishing with six friends. Umm Al Quwain Police’s rescue unit, Sharjah Air Wing and coastguards managed to recover the...

    Keywords: Major Dr Saif Salem, Major Dr Saif Salem, Major Dr Saif Salem, crab fishing.

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    Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu Fisherman, eight tn fisherman arrested by sri lankan navy, Fisherman

    Eight TN Fisherman Arrested By Sri Lankan Navy 24 June 2017

    Eight TN Fisherman Arrested By Sri Lankan Navy:- For allegedly fishing in the territorial waters of the island nation, the Sri Lankan Navy has arrested eight Tamil Nadu fishermen today. The fishermen were spotted fishing from Nagapattinam District near Paruthithurai,...

    Keywords: Sri Lankan Navy, Arrested, Tamil Nadu Fisherman, Sri Lankan Navy

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    Indian envoy YK Sinha, Sri Lanka, sl to release indian fishermen, Fisherman

    SL to release Indian fishermen 19 November 2014

    The Sri Lankan government has decided to release the five Indian fishermen who were on death sentence for smuggling drugs into the country. All the fisherman hail from Tamil Nadu and were reportedly detained in 2011 and this year on...

    Keywords: Sri Lanka government, Indian ocean, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Mahinda Rajapaksa

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    Maharashtra News, Bharatiya Janata Party, cops record fisherman s statement in salman khan threat case, Fisherman

    Cops record fisherman's statement in Salman Khan threat case... 15 March 2013

    On Thursday, Bharatiya Janata Party's legislator Ashish Shelar raised the issue based on the justification that actor Salman Khan's bodyguards were harassing the family of a fisherman from Bandra in the legislative council. Moreover, Shelar took up the issue at...

    Keywords: Khan, Salman Khan, fishing equipment, Maharashtra News

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    Vijay, Ilayathalapathy Vijay, vijay thanks pm modi, Fisherman

    Vijay thanks PM Modi 22 November 2014

    Tamil actor Ilayathalapathy Vijay has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi thanking him for his efforts in bringing back five Tamil fishermen. Sri Lankan government earlier this week, accepted to release Tamil fishermen who...

    Keywords: Vijay, Narendra Modi, Tamil fisherman, Vijay

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    New Zealand fisherman, NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature, nz fisherman catches see through water creature, Fisherman

    NZ Fisherman catches see-through water creature 22 January 2014

    A New Zealand fisherman caught a see-through shrimp-like creature swimming near the surface of the ocea. Mr. Stewart Fraser was fishing with his two sons, 43 miles north off the North Island's Karikari Peninsula at the time he spotted this...

    Keywords: Salpa maxima, shrimp-like creature, Salpa maggiore, Salpa maggiore

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    Italian government, Italian marines, indian embassy gets hate mails, Fisherman

    Indian Embassy gets hate mails 22 February 2014

    The Indian Embassy in Italy received over 100 hate mails, threats and a parcel having live bullet in retaliation to the unsolved issue of two Italian marines accused of killing Indian fisherman. The Indian government requested the Italian government to...

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    Indian Fisherman latest, Bridgo fisherman, srilankan navy shoots an indian fisherman, Fisherman

    Srilankan Navy Shoots an Indian Fisherman 07 March 2017

    The Srilankan Navy started firing on a group of Indian fisherman which heated up the situations on the late night of Monday. This resulted in the death of one fisherman and left three injured. The batch have been fishing between...

    Keywords: Indian Fisherman dead, Indian Fisherman news, Srilankan Navy, Indian Fisherman news

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