• Pakistani girls bribed, Pakistani girls sold to China, 629 pakistani girls and women sold as brides to china, Girls

    629 Pakistani Girls and Women Sold as Brides to China 05 December 2019

    629 Pakistani Girls and Women Sold as Brides to China:- As many as 629 girls and women from Pakistan have been sold as brides to men in China and were shifted to the country. A trafficking network was traced and...

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    Motivational Camp, python, girls forced to swim with python at motivational camp in malaysia, Girls

    Girls Forced to Swim with Python at Motivational Camp in Malaysia 22 October 2016

    You are swing in the water and suddenly you see a snake? You will definitely get scared and run away. In a shocking video, 10 to 12-year-old girls are seen attending a motivational camp in Malaysia. They are asked to...

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    Girls raped by teachers, Mumbai, 12 minor tribal girls raped by teachers in maharashtra, Girls

    12 Minor Tribal Girls Raped By Teachers In Maharashtra 04 November 2016

    In an horrific incident, occurred at the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, 12 minor tribal girls have been raped by their teachers as well as headmaster. Media reports said that these girls, aged between 12-14, were studying in boarding school, Ninadhi...

    Keywords: Mumbai, Rape, Maharashtra, tribal girls raped

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    , , 67 telangana schoolgirls hospitalized for food poisoning, Girls

    67 Telangana Schoolgirls Hospitalized For Food Poisoning 07 January 2019

    67 Telangana Schoolgirls Hospitalized For Food Poisoning:- A number of 67 school girls from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) from Chevella in Ranga Reddy district have been hospitalized due to food poisoning in Telangana. They were rushed to Niloufer hospital...

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    NRI Junior college, Hyderabadi girls, two hyderabadi girls saved from child marriage ace in inter exams, Girls

    Two Hyderabadi Girls Saved From Child Marriage Ace In Inter Exams 18 April 2017

    The two Hyderabadi girls, aged 16 years, from Hayathnagar, who were saved from child marriage last year, have proved their mettle in this years’ intermediate exams. The marriage of the girls was stopped in the nick of time, as they...

    Keywords: NRI Junior college, Inter Exams, Inter Exams, Child Marriage

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    Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship, Maulana Azad Foundation, new scheme launched by modi govt to graduate muslim girls, Girls

    New Scheme Launched By Modi Govt To Graduate Muslim Girls 13 October 2017

    New Scheme Launched By Modi Govt To Graduate Muslim Girls:- A special gift of Rs 51,000 will be given by the Modi government to the meritorious Muslim girls, who go on to complete graduation before marriage. The Ministry of Minority...

    Keywords: Shaadi Shagun, Shaadi Shagun, Maulana Azad Foundation, Modi Government

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    New Delhi, Business, couple runs brothel in new delhi confesses to traffic 5000 girls, Girls

    Couple Runs Brothel in New Delhi, Confesses to Traffic 5000 Girls 24 October 2016

    Human Trafficking has become a huge business nowadays. Girls in all age are forced into prostitution. In a shocking incident, a wife and husband were held for running a human trafficking racket. Affaq Husain and his wife Saira used to...

    Keywords: Human Trafficking, Business, Brothels, Human Trafficking

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    Manish Sisodia, Delhi School, gas leak at delhi school 110 hospitalized, Girls

    Gas Leak At Delhi School; 110 Hospitalized 06 May 2017

    In a ghastly incident, a gas leak from a container depot near the Delhi school, in south east Tughlakabad area, hospitalized around 110 students today. The students later complained of irritation in eyes, due to the gas leakage and hence...

    Keywords: Deputy Chief Minister, Tughlakabad area, Rani Jhansi School for girls, Students Hospitalized

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    Sunil Rastogi, Sunil Rastogi, delhi serial rapist arrested for raping many minor girls, Girls

    Delhi Serial Rapist Arrested for Raping Many Minor Girls 16 January 2017

    A 38-year-old serial rapist, who sexually assaulted many minor girls has been arrested on Saturday by the Delhi Police. During the interrogation, the accused Sunil Rastogi accepted his crime. Not only that, many shocking facts came out which twisted police...

    Keywords: Serial Rapist Arrested, Serial Rapist Arrested, Serial Rapist Arrested, Serial Rapist Arrested

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    Arjun Reddy, Vijay Devarakonda Fans, vijay devarakonda describes two of his fans as rowdy girls, Girls

    Vijay Devarakonda Describes Two Of His Fans As “Rowdy Girls” 04 November 2017

    Vijay Devarakonda Describes Two Of His Fans As “Rowdy Girls”:- Pellichoopulu fame hero, Vijay Devarakonda has been trying to be bohemian, ever since he made his entry on Twitter. Vijay, secondly, enjoys the craze for him and his lately released...

    Keywords: Vijay Devarakonda, Vijay Devarakonda Fans, Rowdy Girls, Vijay Devarakonda Fans

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    oily skin new updates, oily skin makeup, tips to last makeup on oily skin, Girls

    Tips to Last Makeup on Oily Skin 13 November 2019

    Apply makeup happens to be a daily task for many. For oily skinned girls, it is sure a challenge. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to apply makeup on your face and if it slides soon, that...

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    girl students missing, Hyderabad, 5 girls missing from hyderabad traced in vizag, Girls

    5 Girls Missing from Hyderabad Traced in Vizag 18 March 2017

    Police have been in search of five girls aged below 13 who went missing in Hyderabad on Thursday. To their shock, all the five students were traced in Visakhapatnam on Friday. After police enquired with them, they got to know...

    Keywords: Vizag, Vizag, Hyderabad, sightseeing

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    girls dressing, girls dressing, shahi imam creates controversy advises girls to wear veil, Girls

    Shahi Imam Creates Controversy, Advises Girls to Wear Veil 18 January 2017

    A statement of Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid in Kolkata, Syed Mohammad Nurur R Barkati has created a fresh spark of controversy.  He said that "girls should avoid wearing short clothes if they want to protect themselves from getting...

    Keywords: comment, Rape, Controversy, girls dressing

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    Christopher Qaiser, The Hindu Marriage Bill, pakistani lawmakers rejects bill to enhance marriage age for girls, Girls

    Pakistani Lawmakers Rejects Bill To Enhance Marriage Age For Girls 05 May 2017

    The lawmakers of Pakistan, have unanimously rejected a bill, aimed at increasing the minimum age for girls from 16 to 18 years. They have further termed the proposed amendment as “unIslamic”. Yesterday, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Religious Affairs...

    Keywords: Pakistan Senate, Kishwer Zehra, The Hindu Marriage Bill, The Hindu Marriage Bill

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    death penalty in rape, death penalty latest, death penalty for rape of girls below 12 years, Girls

    Death Penalty For Rape Of Girls Below 12 Years 21 April 2018

    Death Penalty For Rape Of Girls Below 12 Years:- The Centre today approved the ordinance to amend the Protection of girl children from sexual offences (POSC) Act and the update says that the accused will get death penalty for the...

    Keywords: death penalty for rapes, rape verdicts, death penalty latest, death penalty for rapes

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    twitter news, Muzaffarpur-Bandra Awadh Express, a passenger s tweet saved 26 minor girls from up s train, Girls

    A Passenger's Tweet Saved 26 Minor Girls From UP's Train 07 July 2018

    A Passenger's Tweet Saved 26 Minor Girls From UP's Train:- It may be quite surprising but 26 underage girls have been rescued from a train in Uttar Pradesh by GRP  and RPF. The incident took place in Muzaffarpur-Bandra Awadh Express....

    Keywords: 26 girls rescued from train, Muzaffarpur-Bandra Awadh Express latest, a tweet that saved 26 girls, Muzaffarpur-Bandra Awadh Express latest updates

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    cop helplines, cop helplines, telangana cops urge women girls to be extra cautious, Girls

    Telangana Cops Urge Women, Girls To Be Extra Cautious 30 November 2019

    Telangana Cops Urge Women, Girls to Be Extra Cautious:- The brutal murder of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy left everyone in shock and the whole country mourned the sudden demise of Priyanka Reddy. Several celebrities condemned the attack demanding some stringent...

    Keywords: Priyanka Reddy murder, Telangana cops, Priyanka Reddy murder, cop helplines

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    US College Programme, US College Programme, four underprivileged telugu girls make it to us college programme, Girls

    Four Underprivileged Telugu Girls Make It To US College Programme 16 June 2017

    Four Underprivileged Telugu Girls Make It To US College Programme:- The financial restraints will no longer hold these Telugu girls from chasing their dreams. All from economically poor backgrounds, Shwethana Leela, Kaveri Aavula and Anjum Begum from Telangana, along with...

    Keywords: Four Underprivileged Telugu Girls, Four Underprivileged Telugu Girls, CCI programme, US College Programme

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    K. Varun, TDP, eight people including tdp leader s son booked in rape case, Girls

    Eight People, Including TDP Leader’s Son Booked In Rape Case 23 May 2017

    Eight People, Including TDP Leader’s Son Booked In Rape Case:- In another distressing incident of gang rape in a week’s time in AP, eight youngsters including the sons of a TDP MPTC and a head constable gang-raped two tribal girls. This...

    Keywords: Gang Rape, TDP, TDP, Gang Rape

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    Migraine, Migraine latest, girls with early puberty may get migraine, Girls

    Girls With Early Puberty May Get Migraine 15 July 2019

    Girls With Early Puberty May Get Migraine:- Girls who attain early puberty may get a chance to develop migraine headaches told researchers. When the menstrual period starts in girls, the chances and prevalence come up as per the study said...

    Keywords: research on Migraine, girls with Migraine, Migraine latest, research on Migraine

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