• India- Pak relations, Barack Obama, indian embassy in afghan put on alert, Kabul

    Indian Embassy in Afghan put on alert 05 May 2011

    India today issued a high security alert for its missions and other interests in Afghanistan after intelligence inputs warned that terrorists of Al-Qaida and Lashkhar-e-Taiba may resort to attacks on Indian interests in that country in the wake of the...

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    Joe Biden, Joe Biden press conference, kabul evacuation is the most difficult in history says joe biden, Kabul

    Kabul Evacuation is the most difficult in History says Joe Biden 21 August 2021

    Kabul Evacuation is the most difficult in History says Joe Biden:- The situation in Afghanistan changed completely after the Taliban took over the country. The USA has been dealing with the issue and is having a tough time. American President...

    Keywords: Joe Biden speech, Joe Biden press conference, Joe Biden breaking news, Taliban

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    taliban, kabul, realness through motion picture, Kabul

    Realness through motion picture 16 August 2013

    The Kite Runner a novel by Khaled Hosseini, have been set mostly in Afghanistan. The introverted and insecure afghan narrator, Amir, grows up in Afghanistan in the closing years of the monarchy and the first years of the short-lived republic....

    Keywords: the academy awards, khaled hosseini, afghanistan, realism through celluloid

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    Pak terrorism in India, Osama Bin Laden, us conducts yet another operation on pak soil, Kabul

    US conducts yet another operation on Pak soil 07 May 2011

    Notwithstanding the Pakistani threat of dire consequences in the event of another violation of its sovereignty by any country, the US conducted yet an another punitive Drone strike on Pakistani soil to target the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorist leaders Mullah...

    Keywords: terrorism in Pak, Taliban threat, Al-Sadah, Osama shot dead

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    US troops, US-Afghanisatan partnership agreement, taliban revenge hit on kabul obama visit, Kabul

    Taliban revenge hit on Kabul - Obama visit 03 May 2012

    United States President, Barack Obama’s secret visit to Afghanisatan on the death anniversary of Osama bin Laden on Wednesday resulted in retaliation by Taliban bombers attacking a fortified guesthouse being used by Westerners in Kabul. They have announced the start...

    Keywords: Nato troops, Green Village, US President, US-Afghanisatan partnership agreement

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    injury, blast, twin bombing in kabul 38 killed and dozens injured, Kabul

    Twin Bombing in Kabul, 38 Killed and Dozens Injured 11 January 2017

    At Least 38 were killed when two bombs explode near government offices in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul on Tuesday. Those who were killed included civilians and military personnel. The attack was conducted by  Taliban insurgents. Public Health Ministry official Mohibullah Zeer...

    Keywords: Kabul, injury, blast, Afghanistan

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    ramzan special recipes, Qabili pulao preparation, recipe kabuli pulao, Kabul

    Recipe: Kabuli Pulao 04 July 2015

    Kabuli pulao is also called as Qabili pulao. It is an Afghan pilaf dish processed by mixing steamed rice with different ingredients. As this is the Ramzan season, prepare this at your home by following simple method of preparation mentioned...

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    Osama caught alive, Osama Bin Laden, laden building to be razed to ground, Kabul

    Laden building to be razed to ground 06 May 2011

    The Abbottabad building near Islamabad, where the Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden stayed until he was killed by the commandoes of the American Seals last Sunday, will be demolished by the Pakistan Security agencies. The building, situated 800 yards away from...

    Keywords: Osama shot dead, Osama caught alive, Al-Sadah, DNA confirmation of Laden death

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    Osama widows, U.S. raids, us to get access to osama widows, Kabul

    US to get access to Osama widows 10 May 2011

    The New York Times said today that Pakistan has agreed to provide the US access to the three widows of slain terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. The three wives of Osama are now in the custody of Pakistani Army and the...

    Keywords: Al-Sadah, Osama Bin Laden, Laden’s youngest wife, Osama shot dead

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    Kabul, Pilgrims, 3 suicide bombers exploded in kabul mosque 28 killed dozens injured, Kabul

    3 Suicide Bombers Exploded in Kabul Mosque, 28 Killed & Dozens Injured 21 November 2016

    In a shocking incident, at least 28 people were killed and dozens injured when three suicide bombers exploded at a crowded Shia mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday."The attacker entered the Baqir ul Olum mosque during a ceremony,:...

    Keywords: Shia Mosque, death, death, Suicide bombers

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    rescue, students, two gunmen attack american university in kabul, Kabul

    Two Gunmen Attack American University in Kabul 25 August 2016

    In a shocking incident, two gunmen attacked the American University in Kabul at around 6:30pm local time (1400 GMT) on Wednesday.At least twelve people were killed and created panic among hundreds of students. Officials said “The attack began with a...

    Keywords: rescue, Attack, Attack, gunmen

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    Kabul Airport Blast latest, Kabul Airport Blast deaths, kabul airport blast more than 100 killed, Kabul

    Kabul Airport Blast: More Than 100 Killed 27 August 2021

    Kabul Airport Blast: More than 100 Killed:- After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there are tense situations all over. The Kabul airport is under the control of US forces and several Afghans along with the foreigners flew away from the...

    Keywords: Kabul Airport Blast videos, Kabul Airport Blast, Kabul Airport Blast deaths, Kabul Airport Blast deaths

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    US military operation, India- Pak relations, osama sons lambast obama for breaking law, Kabul

    Osama sons lambast Obama for breaking law 12 May 2011

    In their first public reaction to their father’s death, the sons of the slain Al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden lambasted the US president Barack Obama for violating all principles of natural justice and international law by killing an unarmed...

    Keywords: Al-Qaida leader, Al-Qaida leader, India-US relations, DNA confirmation of Laden death

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    Talibans Kabul videos, Talibans Kabul articles, indians evacuated from kabul indian flights cancelled, Kabul

    Indians Evacuated From Kabul: Indian Flights Cancelled 16 August 2021

    Indians Evacuated From Kabul: Indian Flights Cancelled:- After the Taliban reached Kabul on Sunday, several locals and foreign nationals rushed to the Kabul Airport to fly away from the country. The Taliban occupied the Presidential House and the President Ashraf...

    Keywords: Talibans Kabul articles, Talibans Kabul latest, Talibans Kabul news, Talibans Kabul new updates

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    afghanistan, car bomb in kabul, suicide bombing followed by gunfire have shaken down kabul, Kabul

    Suicide bombing followed by gunfire have shaken down Kabul 21 January 2013

    A suicide car-bombing followed by several other explosions and gunfire rocked western Kabul around dawn on Monday. It seems, the first large explosion was a suicide car bomb and was followed by several other blasts and gunfire. This has resulted...

    Keywords: car bomb in kabul, afghanistan, sinful act, suicide bomb

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    New Kabul Bank branch, New Kabul Bank branch, deadly suicide bombings hit afghanistan s jalalabad, Kabul

    Deadly suicide bombings hit Afghanistan's Jalalabad 18 April 2015

    At least 33 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a series of attacks in Jalalabad city in the eastern Nangarhar province.The first attack occurred at about 8:30am local time on Saturday after a suicide bomber detonated...

    Keywords: New Kabul Bank branch, New Kabul Bank branch, New Kabul Bank branch, eastern Nangarhar

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    Yummy Chana Pulao Recipe, Black Chana Pulao Recipe, yummy chana pulao recipe, Kabul

    Yummy Chana Pulao Recipe 11 July 2017

    Yummy Chana Pulao Recipe:- This Chana Pulao is a protein rich tasty one pot meal. It tastes yummy no less than a biryani. It is a hearty and wholesome meal.This is one of the quickest and tasty options when you...

    Keywords: Yummy Chana Pulao Recipe, Yummy Chana Pulao Recipe, Chickpeas Pulao, Black Chana Pulao Recipe

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    Sahar Gul, Kabul hospital, a misery of afghanistan s child bride, Kabul

    A misery of Afghanistan's child bride 06 January 2012

    A 15 year old Afghanistan child named as Sahar Gul was tortured by her in-laws inhumanly.Well as per the officials in northeastern Baghlan province, For about six months the girl was kept in a room on lower floor of building by...

    Keywords: misery, girl tortured., Sahar Gul, Hamid Karzai

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    US Troops, Kabul Airport firefight, firefight in kabul airport tensed situations all over, Kabul

    Firefight In Kabul Airport: Tensed Situations All Over 23 August 2021

    Firefight In Kabul Airport: Tensed Situations All Over:- A firefight broke out today between the Western security forces and the Afghan guards at the North Gate of the Kabul airport today. The news was clarified by the German armed forces...

    Keywords: Kabul Airport breaking news, Kabul Airport, US Troops, Kabul Airport updates

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    , execution, talibans and crowd cheer as talibans execute a woman in afghanistan, Kabul

    Talibans and Crowd cheer as Talibans execute a woman in Afghanistan 10 July 2012

    The recent incident a month ago in Kabul where a Taliban fighter executed a woman was recorded on a video. In this horrific video the woman who was accused of adultery was bludgeoned to death by a fighter who hit...

    Keywords: execution, Kabul, , Kabul

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