• grandmother death winking face emoji, weird news, grandmother s death announced with winking face emoji, Weird news

    Grandmother’s death announced with winking face emoji 31 May 2016

    The death of a beloved grandmother was announced with a winking face emoji, in a local Spanish newspaper.Reportedly, the 75-year-old Carmen Bustamante Barango had told her children that, after her death, she wanted to be remembered in El Periodico de...

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    world news, world news, dog waits weeks for murdered owner to return, Weird news

    Dog waits weeks for murdered owner to return 26 February 2016

    A german shepherd in Houston, Texas again proved that nothing can beat a dog’s loyalty, after it kept on waiting for over two weeks, for its owner, who was murdered at a convenience store on February 7th. The neighbors who...

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    Giant Alligator, Gator, shocking a huge gator captured in a video at florida golf course, Weird news

    Shocking: A Huge Gator Captured In A Video At Florida Golf Course 01 June 2016

    Golfers in the Florida Golf Course should not be worried about sand traps, Instead they should keep in mind the large Jurassic Park type alligator stalking on the greens of the Golf course.A video which has been posted on social...

    Keywords: Alligator, Florida, Gator, Gaint alligator’s video recorded in a Golf course in Florida

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    lion cub gets groomed by baboon social media, lion cub gets groomed by baboon video, social media turns weird after a lion cub gets groomed by baboon, Weird news

    Social Media Turns Weird After A Lion Cub Gets Groomed By Baboon 06 February 2020

    Social Media Turns Weird After A Lion Cub Gets Groomed By Baboon:- A photographer happened to capture an unusual picture of a male baboon that was spotted grooming a lion cub. The video and the pictures went viral across the...

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    granny sex worker, world news, 85 year old granny as a sex worker, Weird news

    85 year old granny as a sex worker 12 January 2016

    Sheila Vogel-Coupe, the 85 year old woman in England, has set a record, working as a sex worker till date, satisfying several clients, approaching her every day.    After her husband was dead, she had to get into this profession,...

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    Snake singer stage died, indonesian singer snake, singer bitten by snake dies on stage, Weird news

    Singer bitten by snake, dies on stage 07 April 2016

    Irma Bule, a 29 year old singer in Indonesia died, after she was bitten by a snake on the stage.The Indonesian singer was habituated to hold the snakes while singing and as a part of the act, she again repeated...

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    weird news, world news, man ordered to inform police to have sex, Weird news

    Man ordered to inform police, to have sex 23 January 2016

    A man from North Yorkshire, England, has been banned from engaging in any form of sexual activity, without giving the prior notice to the police.Sexual risk order is often sought for a person who is thought to be unsafe for...

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    weird news, rape, man rapes a dog, Weird news

    Man rapes a dog 20 February 2016

    In  a bizarre incident, a video circulated in the Whatsapp showed a man raping the dog, holding it forcefully.    The video showed the man sexually assaulting the dog in an old isolated building. However, the video location was not...

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    weird news, weird news, microchip reunites dog with owners after 5 years, Weird news

    Microchip reunites dog with owners after 5 years 23 May 2016

    5 years after it went missing, a 13-year old dog in UK, was reunited with its owners, through a microchip fitted to the canine, which helped in disclosing its identity. While the owners went on a holiday, leaving Eddie the...

    Keywords: weird news, dog microchip, weird news, Microchip dog 5 years owners

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    Strange news, Traffic signals, five year boy secretly calls police to inform father s traffic violation, Weird news

    Five year Boy Secretly Calls Police To Inform Father’s Traffic Violation 02 June 2016

    A five-year boy informed the police when he saw his father is driving through a red light, according to a recording posted online by police in the Massachusetts city of Quincy. The pint-sized crimefighter can be heard telling a dispatcher...

    Keywords: Traffic violations, Traffic violations, Traffic signals, A boy called police as he saw his father violating the traffic signal

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    Weird news, Canada news, man recollects his identity after 30 years, Weird news

    Man recollects his identity after 30 years 13 February 2016

    A man who was disappeared 30 years ago and was believed to be dead, is now willing to get reunited with the family, after recovering some of his memory, the police said.  Reportedly, a Canadian man named Edgar Latulip was...

    Keywords: Weird news, world news, world news, Weird news

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    latest weird news, father rape daughter, father raped daughter for weird reason, Weird news

    Father raped daughter for weird reason 10 February 2016

    A father raped his own daughter in Bikaner, Rajasthan, after she refused to register false rape case against her husband and in-laws. The girl was married in 2004 and everything went well for four years, without any disturbances. But in 2008,...

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    Weird news, woman's fart caused fire, patient s fart caused fire in operation theater, Weird news

    Patient’s Fart Caused Fire In Operation Theater 03 November 2016

    In a weird incident, a female patient’s fart caused fire in hospital’s operation theater which caused burns on her legs as well as waist. A simple operation was going in Tokyo Medical Center in Japan where a woman, who was...

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    East Midlands Ambulance Service weird news, East Midlands Ambulance Service, woman in uk calls ambulance about a cracked egg, Weird news

    Woman in UK calls Ambulance about a Cracked Egg 30 January 2018

    Woman in UK calls Ambulance about a Cracked Egg: This may look so weird but it is completely true. A woman based in UK called Ambulance and shocked them after seeking their advise. "I am perfectly alright. I just need...

    Keywords: East Midlands Ambulance Service weird news, East Midlands Ambulance Service weird calls, East Midlands Ambulance Service news, East Midlands Ambulance Service weird calls

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    Ludhiana, man friends rape wife, man lets three friends rape his wife for divorce, Weird news

    Man Lets Three Friends Rape His Wife For Divorce 24 November 2017

    Man Lets Three Friends Rape His Wife For Divorce:- A man in Ludhiana got his wife gangraped by three of his friends which created a huge sensation. The man was keen on taking divorce from his wife after which he...

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    weird news, dinosaur jewellery, turning dinosaurs into jewellery, Weird news

    Turning dinosaurs into jewellery 30 March 2016

    Yes, as most of the readers guessed, the remains of dinosaurs (bones and meteorites), are now being used to make jewellery and several other fashion accessories.William Henry, a Portland-based design company, is proving that, these rare finds can add a...

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    Rakhi Sawant, PM Narendra Modi, fir booked against rakhi sawant for wearing dress with pictures of pm modi, Weird news

    FIR Booked Against Rakhi Sawant For Wearing Dress With Pictures Of PM Modi 05 November 2016

    Rakhi Sawant, who is very well known for controversies rather than her career in Bollywood had wore a dress with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on it in an effort to attract the camera which was away from her...

    Keywords: Entertainment, PM Narendra Modi, PM Narendra Modi, FIR Against Rakhi Sawant

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    goat arrested, weird news, goat arrested in chhattisgarh, Weird news

    Goat arrested in Chhattisgarh 10 February 2016

    Chhattisgarh citizens started their morning in shock, after knowing that an animal (goat) was arrested by Chhattisgarh police in the Korea district for allegedly grazing in a bureaucrat's garden.Reportedly, Chhattisgarh police said that, the goat jumped over the iron fence of...

    Keywords: India news, chhattisgarh goat arrested, chhattisgarh goat arrested, goat arrested

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    Tumour UP woman stomach, Tumour UP woman stomach, 95kg tumour in woman s stomach removed in up, Weird news

    95kg tumour in woman’s stomach removed in UP 11 May 2016

    The doctors took out a massive tumour weighing 95 kg, from the stomach of a woman from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.Kamlesh Devi has been suffering from pain for five years, but her husband refused to move to the doctor, because of...

    Keywords: UP news, woman stomach tumour, weird news, UP news

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    Ohio, Man arrested for stripping and pooping at Kroger Food Store, a man arrested for stripping pooping at a grocery store scanner, Weird news

    A Man Arrested For Stripping, Pooping At A Grocery Store Scanner 03 June 2016

    A man named Colin Murphy, 23, a drunkard, was arrested for inappropriate behavior. He was loitering around the food park in Sunday. Behaving badly and reeking his booze he entered the store, according to the court records.Even after encountering with...

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