Coronavirus Pandemic: Habits To Teach Your Children

July 15, 2020 18:13
Coronavirus Pandemic: Habits To Teach Your Children

Coronavirus Pandemic: Habits To Teach Your Children:- The entire world is battling with coronavirus from the past few months. Lakhs of people passed away because of the pandemic. Social distancing is the need of the hour and everyone is asked to use face masks. Most of them are asked to stay at home and all the multi-national corporate giants have offered work from home options for their employees. Some of them are able to spend quality time with their family.

Keeping the children safe and occupied in this pandemic time is quite challenging. They feel bored and feel like they are locked at home. They feel like going out and meet their friends. There are several habits that we should teach our children in this coronavirus pandemic season to keep them safe and healthy. Here are some among them:

Washing their hands properly at regular intervals with soap and water at least for 20 seconds.

Use of hand sanitizer multiple times in a day.

Social distancing should be followed even if they are at home. When they are in a public place, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a check and track of the children.

Maintain a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet between the people.

Follow cough etiquettes. It means that you have to cough or sneeze in your sleeves.

It is mandatory to use a face mask. Educate your children not to touch their nose, eyes and mouth. It is also not advisable to touch the face mask. Do not remove the mask when you are in public.

Take a bath after coming home. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Eat healthy home-cooked food that include fruits, vegetables.

Please prefer digital ways to be in touch with people instead of stepping out from home.

A physical activity at some time of the day will keep you fit and healthy.

Keep the children engaging by educating them through internet. Make them read and write for some time.

Spend some quality time with your kids as this would be the best time to spend time with your children.

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