Why to look Gud?

January 12, 2012 15:29
Why to look Gud?

Is that so necessary? Can’t we survive just being our self? Why do we need to groom ourselves? Why do we need to take care of the minimal use of cosmetics and good dress sense? Despite our mood not being good, we not interested to get ready, why still we need to groom ourselves? Is that so necessary to survive in today’s competitive world with the basic grooming and without which there is no point of being recognized?

Why ask anyone else? Put all these questions to yourself and see. Okay, just think a dark, short, fat guy wants to get close to you, on the other hand a handsome hunk is interested in you, whom do you think you would prefer? If you stop being politically correct or diplomatic, the vote would be for the handsome guy only. It is not that I am criticizing all those people who are dark in complexion or something, but, it is completely about the presentable factor that I am talking about.

Forget about your color, complexion physical state, a basic grooming of a neat look with the suitable dress and a neat smile on your face, would make you look presentable and hence the rest of the World would come up to talk to you. Your thoughts, how good as a person you are, what do you think, like, do’s and do not’s, what do you think, all these would come next.

Particularly, if working in an organization, no one even cares about the above mentioned qualities of you and would notice them. It is just that as a part of job, how would you present yourself and that’s it.

So, try to open your eyes and let’s be practical atleast to certain extent. Here are some of the tips that can change your look with in a minimal time;

•    Basic quality of looking good is properly highlighting your eyes, lips and eye brows in your face atleast with a minimum make up and using natural colors for the highlights.

•    If not a cheek rose or an eye shadow, a minimal of foundation would definitely blend with your skin.

•    Hair should be neatly tied or groomed in such a way that it would gel with your personality and even with what kind of dresses you prefer wearing.

•    The nails, your hands and toes should appear very neat. If you cannot handling long nails, then trim them to the minimal, but you should love to pamper your self first.

It is just about taking a minimal care about your look, as making efforts to look good and grooming yourself is not a crime!

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