Top Destinations For Women To Travel Solo

June 21, 2017 17:46
Top Destinations For Women To Travel Solo

Top Destinations For Women To Travel Solo:- Traveling alone opens up opportunities for you to understand yourself and gives you inner peace as well. You need to do it in peace without people around you telling you what to do and what not to. So, a solo travel is what you might need if you are a person who wants inner peace.

When you travel alone, you tend to meet people, get in touch with their culture, learn new languages, and tend to attain some kind of soothing responsibility for yourself. That is why solo travels are always enlightening and enriching.

Below are a list of a few places where women should travel solo in her lifetime.

Here Are Some Top Places Women Can Solo Travel

1) Paris - France

Paris France

Paris is all about wine, cheese, Gucci, historical monuments, serene beauty and of course the hot/cute French guys. The culture is rich, the people are helpful and you will love to learn the language too.

2) Chiang Mai - Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand

Situated in the bottom of the northern hills of Thailand, Chiang Mai is just a one hour travel from Bangkok. You can learn the traditional Thai culture of the people of this wonderful city. Discovering the city for its architecture, hidden temples, traditions and adventurous rides will give you an out of the world experience.

It is the perfect place for women mainly because of the fun Sunday market where you get your share of shopping knowledge. The Thai food is definitely something to look forward too when you go to this city.

3) Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is known for its artistic culture, amazing food and the live music culture.

The best thing about Australia is that you can find a lot of mixed people. Try the numerous live music festivals and enjoy the soulful music.

4) Tulum - Mexico

Tulum Mexico

If you want a beach themed destination for some enjoyment and inner peace, then this is the most amazing place for you. The beautiful beach side place Tulum is on the sets of the Caribbean Sea. The place is always quite, serene, lush with greenery and of course endless waves!

Look out for meditation centers or yoga classes in the area since there are many famous relaxing centres around. The main lookout in this city is the endless love for beaches. If you are a sea person, you should definitely try this place.

5) Maui - Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Hawaii is obviously known for its rich culture, flowery cities and of course its fragrance. This is a perfect woman oriented place for all the right reasons. The beaches, the sand and of course the fragrance of the wonderfully colorful flowers will floor you and would want you to keep traveling through the streets of Maui. Enjoy the lush greenery and the soft music through one of the ticked in cafes.


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