'live' or 'get out' of 'Post break up' depression!

April 07, 2012 11:32
'live' or 'get out' of 'Post break up' depression!

Someone said it so right, at a given situation you and me and for that matter everyone would react to the situation in a same manner… then how would the other person be able to give advices to us? It is because he/she is out of the situation and is not in the same position as we are… if the so called person who has given all that ‘gyaan’ for us experiences the similar situation, he/she would react in the same manner just as we did earlier… it is only the necessity of facing the situation that matters. And this also means that no matter what rather than taking the other person’s advice, it is better for us to solve them on our own, be it a decision to be taken while getting in a relationship or getting out of a relationship… okay… I am not given any advice but just letting you know what all you can do to get out of that post break up depression… rest in you how do you take this further… as it is a very bad option to live in a ‘depression’ for a long time;

Breakups happen to the best of us. Actually, they're a normal part of being a teenager. It's important to cut yourself some slack when you're feeling vulnerable and rejected. Let yourself mourn the loss, and remember that you don't have to be perfect all of the time-or any of the time. Nobody is!

Getting over your ex is virtually impossible if you're fantasizing about getting back together. It's important to learn how to be happy as a single person before you start to date again.

Being single gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Watch a cheesy movie you would never admit to liking. Switch off your cell phone at the time your ex used to call. Perform a cleansing ritual, such as throwing away her yearbook photo or deleting his mushy e-mails. You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel.

Breakups can cause a range of unpleasant feelings, from deep sadness to intense anger. It's important to identify what you're feeling, acknowledge that it hurts, then let it go.

If you're struggling with the "letting go" part, try writing what you feel on a piece of paper, then ripping it up. When you're feeling really awful, taking a nap or going for a walk can help ease the pain and break the cycle of negative thoughts.

In general, try to get your demons out in a constructive way, such as sports, music, art or journaling. It's also OK to cry, scream and complain about how bad you feel. Find a secluded place to get out the nastiest feelings, then seek out friends and family to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

It's easy to get teary-eyed thinking about his adorable brown eyes or her cute way of answering the phone. But what about your ex's not-so-great qualities? Remind yourself just how annoying, boring or insensitive your ex could be, and you'll be on your way to recovery.

One of the worst parts of a breakup is the loneliness. Use all the willpower you've got to resist calling your ex when you're feeling lonely and sad.

Though your ex may have been a source of comfort in the past, calling him or her for an ego boost will only make it harder for you move on. Look for new sources of support among friends, family members, counselors and online support groups.

Still you want to live in a post break up depression, cursing and hating yourself for a reason or no reason; it is your call at the end of the day!

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