Don't stress, keep the tresses

October 11, 2013 16:18
Don't stress, keep the tresses

After experimenting with hundreds of tips to keep your hair firmly on the scalp, one would never guess the simpler remedies that can prevent hair stress. Yes, stress is the main culprit that provokes your hair to slide off your head and on to the floor. Less stress, more hair it's heard.

Many scientifically proven methods agree to the adverse effects of stress on your hair. Hence, meditation is suggested to keep yourself from tearing your hair out in frustration. Hair scares can be avoided by refraining from over-thinking on trivial issues.

Tricks have a way of giving us shortcuts to grow long and luscious hair. One more such trick is the way you apply hair oil. Rubbing oil on the hair is overrated unless it is done right. Firstly the oil, coconut oil or olive oil, should be warm while applying. Secondly, the application amounts to a few moments of massage and hence ought to be performed with attention. The first trick calms you down and the second improves circulation.

Voila, there is your happy hair! So, to keep the hair (and yourself) healthy, take a breather and kick the stress out of your system. The root of all evil need not have a place among your lovely locks.

(AW: Sruthi)

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