Nayan's Free Advice Boomerangs

October 29, 2013 15:58
Nayan's Free Advice Boomerangs

It is common for the senior actresses to advise junior ones. But Nazriya did not like Nayan's poking her nose into her personal affairs.

Nazriya Nazim who acted in the movie “Naayandi” filed a complaint with the police that the director had film her in obscenity and later withdrew her compliant. Excepting a talk here and there her compliant has got her nothing. It did not even work for the publicity of the movie either.

When Nayantara and Nazriya Nazim met at the function of the movie “Raja Rani”, Nayan advised Nazriya that movies are nothing but the show of glamour and it should be known before coming to the field.  For that Nazriya responded with a retort that she has the right to object for what she doesn’t like and what hurts her.

Is it not buying problems for Nayan? She was not asked for an elderly advice.  She volunteered only to get a retort.  In addition to it, Nayan also was skeptically seen by others wondering how many sacrifices she might have made to sustain in the film field.  Nazriya’s retort also sounds what hurts her was comfortable and likable to Nayantara!

May be Nayan’s advice was having good intentions behind it.  But it boomeranged to hit her back.  That is why elders say don’t give anything to others without their asking for it- not even a flatter not to talk of an advice!


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