Elon Musk's sensational predictions on Vladimir Putin

February 14, 2024 14:59
Elon Musk's sensational predictions on Vladimir Putin

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Elon Musk's sensational predictions on Vladimir Putin:- Elon Musk expressed his thoughts on the war in Ukraine during a conversation on social media platform X's Spaces with US Republican senators. He strongly stated that it is highly unlikely for Russian President Vladimir Putin to lose the war, emphasizing that there is no chance of it happening. Musk believes that if Putin were to withdraw or be defeated in the war, he would face the risk of assassination due to the pressure to continue the conflict. Additionally, Musk cautioned against the idea of forcing a regime change in Russia, explaining that the next leader would likely be even more extreme than Putin. He emphasized his concern for the loss of lives on both sides of the war and expressed his interest in finding a way to prevent further casualties. In this discussion, Musk was joined by Ron Johnson, JD Vance, Mike Lee, Vivek Ramaswamy, and David Sacks.

A proposed legislation is in place to offer support to Ukraine in their ongoing battle against Russia, which commenced following a large-scale invasion two years ago. Elon Musk, who owns the Starlink satellite services, also played a role in this conflict by providing assistance to Ukrainian forces. During a conversation, Musk expressed his frustration towards critics who accused him of supporting Russia. He emphasized that his company has done more than others to support Ukraine and counteract Russia's influence. Musk further commented that if he were to withdraw his support, he would face serious consequences, as there are external factors that compel Putin to continue the war in Ukraine. He dismissed such notions as absurd and stated that his companies have significantly undermined Russia.

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