Eggs now healthier than 30 years ago

July 26, 2012 18:18
Eggs now healthier than 30 years ago

Experts say that the eggs that we are able to get today are much healthier than the eggs that we could  get 30 years ago and they say that this could be due to the quality food the poultry hen are fed.

The Institute of Food Research scientists believe that eggs are healthier now due to the higher capacity of the hens to absorb the Vitamin D and other nutritional values from the formulated feed.

Earlier in the 80's there was a feed that contained mixture of Wheat, Corn, Vegetable oil and high protein levels as opposed to today's bone meal and meat. Cholesterol, which is the direct link to a number of heart diseases, is 25% lesser compared to the ones sold earlier.

According to the Daily Mail, the eggs now have twice the amount of Vitamin D that they had earlier while the number of calories reduced from 78 to 66 and the cholesterol was lesser than 177 mcg as opposed to 202 in the 1980s (10 % more).

(AW- Anil)

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