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  • Eggs, heart diseases, eggs now healthier than 30 years ago, Cholesterol

    Eggs now healthier than 30 years ago 26 July 2012

    Experts say that the eggs that we are able to get today are much healthier than the eggs that we could  get 30 years ago and they say that this could be due to the quality food the poultry hen...

    Keywords: heart diseases, vitamin D, cholesterol, healthier

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    Autism and cholesterol latest, Autism and cholesterol updates, research finds that cholesterol and autism might be linked, Cholesterol

    Research Finds That Cholesterol And Autism Might Be Linked 19 August 2020

    Research Finds That Cholesterol And Autism Might Be Linked:- As per a new study, the researchers identified an autism arising from a cluster of genes that can regulate cholesterol metabolism in the body. The study was conducted by a team...

    Keywords: Autism and cholesterol updates, Autism and cholesterol interlinked, Autism, Autism and cholesterol

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    cholesterol, blood pressure, proper sleep for a better day at work, Cholesterol

    Proper sleep for a better day at work... 08 November 2012

    Who does not want to get a proper sleep at night, throwing away all mental and physical tensions aside??? But, thanks for a hectic life style filled with 'targets' to be completed and 'deadlines' to be met, both personally and...

    Keywords: heart attacks, cholesterol, bedroom, sleep and dream

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    Health, life, health benefits of olive oil, Cholesterol

    Health benefits of olive oil 07 January 2014

    Most of us know that olive oil is healthy and have even incorporated it into our life. Here are some other facts about this healthy oil. Memory loss due to  Alzheimer's disease can be orevented by incorporating olive oil in...

    Keywords: red blood cells, red blood cells, olive oil is healthy, healthy oil

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    beneficial bacteria, olive oil, are you eating these for your health, Cholesterol

    Are you eating these for your health??? 26 November 2012

    The term 'good food' may differ to you and me... but, there are some foods that are common and needed to be taken on a regular basis as a part of your meal, for a healthy YOU; Blueberries have more...

    Keywords: tips for health, blue berries, healthy food, good food

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    Common anti diabetic drugs can reduce bad cholesterol levels, Metformin could reduce cholesterol levels, anti diabetic drug metformin may help keep cholesterol at check, Cholesterol

    Anti-diabetic drug ‘Metformin’ may help keep cholesterol at check 10 August 2015

    The researchers from Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen and German Diabetes Center Dusseldorf have claimed that common diabetes drug Metformin can also help lower "bad" cholesterol that is known for promoting cardiovascular diseases by hardening the arteries. To prove this the team...

    Keywords: Common diabetes drug may help keep cholesterol in check, Metformin could reduce cholesterol levels, Common diabetes drug may help keep cholesterol in check, Common diabetes drug may help keep cholesterol in check

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    cheese consumption benefits, French cheese diet benefits, higher cheese level lowers cholesterol levels, Cholesterol

    Higher Cheese level lowers cholesterol levels 10 April 2015

    A research was carried out to know why French people live for so long. Food experts have solved mystery stating that the cheese is responsible for lowering the risk of heart diseases. The study team from Aarhus University in Denmark...

    Keywords: cheese consumption benefits, reason for long life of French people revealed, cheese consumption benefits, heart diseases lowered with French cheese

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    , Psoriasis, 9 weird things linked to heart attacks, Cholesterol

    9 weird things linked to heart attacks 07 October 2012

    When it comes to heart attacks, most people think a steady diet of greasy food and sedentary living is to blame. While it’s true that diet and lifestyle play a role (not to mention, family history), there are other, less...

    Keywords: heart attacks, Psoriasis, ,

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    Reduce Cholesterol Levels With Tomato, journal maturity, reduce cholesterol levels with tomato researchers, Cholesterol

    Reduce Cholesterol Levels With Tomato: Researchers 18 February 2012

    Do you know if the tomato is not just fresh fruit to eat? Tomato is one fruit that has many benefits, one of which is to cut their cholesterol levels. According to research reports published journal maturity, food from the...

    Keywords: Reduce cholesterol levels, Reduce cholesterol levels, Reduce cholesterol levels, journal maturity

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    sanskrit medical texts, greek  medical texts, bloody cure for all sickness, Cholesterol

    Bloody Cure for all sickness! 12 July 2013

    During the age of high end prosperity in the medical world one would have to feel little indistinct while accepting the fact through these painful photographs showcases that the ancient tradition of bloodletting is not only still in existence but...

    Keywords: ancient tradition of bloodletting, sanskrit medical texts, blood-sucking leeches, blood-sucking leeches

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    healthy immune system, lifestyle disorders, rice bran oil leads to healthy heart, Cholesterol

    Rice bran oil leads to healthy heart 13 December 2013

    The fast pace of life today has lead to lifestyle disorders, especially heart diseases not only among the old but even the young are increasingly getting afflicted by this disease. We cannot alter the pace of our life, but we...

    Keywords: lifestyle disorders, rice bran oil, cholesterol, rice bran oil

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    Health benefits of garlic, Health benefits of garlic, include garlic for healthy life, Cholesterol

    Include garlic for healthy life 10 June 2014

    Garlic has been consumed as a food-cum-drugs for ages. The old myth that garlic wards off vampires could have some truth, meaning keeping diseases away. Garlic has many health benefits that makes it a wonder drug. Garlic comes fortified with...

    Keywords: Women News, Health benefits of garlic, Include garlic for healthy life, Include garlic for healthy life

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    acroot, palak mix, what to eat to be healthy, Cholesterol

    What to eat to be healthy? 07 March 2013

    Office work, household work and day to day work, all these are to be attended by us every day. If we are working so much, it is our basic responsibility to eat right, to keep our body fit and healthy....

    Keywords: palak, palak mix, stay fit, kaju

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    cholesterol., xanthelasmata, yellow alert to know heart attack, Cholesterol

    Yellow alert to know heart attack 17 September 2011

    Denmark, Herlev Hospital research team said, Xanthelasmata mostly made up of cholesterol is a greatest sign of increased risk of heart attack. A study published on the BMJ website showed patients with xanthelasmata were 48% more likely to have a...

    Keywords: Yellow alert to know heart attack, cholesterol., Herlev Hospital research team, andhrawishesh

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    be, be, children to be screened for cholesterol, Cholesterol

    Children to be screened for cholesterol 19 November 2011

    US pediatricians together with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute are recommending that kids get their cholesterol levels checked between the ages of 9 and 11, and then re-screened between the ages of 17 and 21. A new set of...

    Keywords: cholesterol, Children, , screened

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