Loss of teeth linked to cognitive impairment, dementia

March 26, 2016 16:01
Loss of teeth linked to cognitive impairment, dementia

Oral health is generally neglected by most of the people and I bet, one really cannot even recollect, when was the last time, they visited a dentist.

Along with the kids, even the adults should take good care of their teeth. Not just the check ups, but one should even maintain proper oral hygiene.  

Often, we are ignorant of loss of teeth, but preserving oral health can benefit in a longer run. Researchers say, the increased risk for cognitive impairment and dementia in adults, the loss of teeth can be resulted into.

The research further proved that, the people with less than 20 teeth are more likely to be exposed to the greater risk of developing cognitive decline and dementia, than those with greater than or equal to 20 teeth.

The increase of cognitive impairment and its pathologic correlates, such as dementia and Alzeimers disease, is increasing in aging populations and creating a significant burden on the health systems.

As stated in the publication of journal JDR Clinical & Translational Research, an association between tooth loss and reduced cognitive function in adults was conducted by the International and American Associations for Dental Research.

One needs to have good knowledge of the association between the oral health and cognitive function, as it could lead to preventive interventions for cognitive performance.

The oral health strategies aimed to preserve teeth are significant in reducing the risk of systemic disease.

By Phani Ch

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