• RGIA, Passengers, 250 passengers stranded at rgia, Stranded

    250 Passengers Stranded at RGIA 14 June 2016

    Around 250 passengers traveling to London, were stranded at the Shamshabad airport as  British Airways canceled the flight without notice.British Airways Flight BA 277 was scheduled to arrive at Hyderabad in 4.30 am and return to London. When the flight...

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    Coronavirus, Vande Bharat Mission, indians stranded in 31 countries to return back through 149 flights, Stranded

    Indians Stranded in 31 Countries to Return Back Through 149 Flights 12 May 2020

    Indians Stranded in 31 Countries to Return Back Through 149 Flights:- The Indian government announced 'Vande Bharat Mission' through which all the Indians stranded in foreign countries are brought back through special flights. The first phase of Vande Bharat Mission...

    Keywords: Vande Bharat Mission countries, Vande Bharat Mission updates, Vande Bharat Mission, India

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    Flights, passenger, airlines cancel flights passengers stranded at rgia, Stranded

    Airlines Cancel Flights, Passengers stranded at RGIA 05 August 2016

    Nowadays it has become very common that flights are facing technical glitch. In another add-on, Air Costa which is a Vijayawada-based airline suspended all its flights for Thursday. Air Costa has three Embraer E-190 aircraft in which 110 passengers can board...

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    Uttarakhand Rescue Operations, AP pilgrims, last day of evacuation, Stranded

    Last Day of Evacuation 29 June 2013

    Evacuation of the stranded pilgrims of Char Dham yatra will be concluded today as the Government reckons.  The rescue teams are going to bring about 1400 pilgrims struck up at various places in Uttarakhand.   40 persons belonging to the...

    Keywords: stranded pilgrims of Char Dham yatra, Char Dham yatra Pilgrims Evacuation, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy inquired, stranded pilgrims of Char Dham yatra

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    RGIA, passengers stranded, flash news 120 air india passengers stranded at rgia, Stranded

    Flash News: 120 Air India Passengers Stranded at RGIA 13 July 2016

    About 120 passengers were stranded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday. The Air India flight to Kolkata failed to take off due to some technical issues. The passengers started to protest as the delay got prolonged. The flight...

    Keywords: passengers stranded, Air India Flight, RGIA, passengers stranded

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    Amnesty International urges Indian Government, Indian Embassy in Baghdad, evidence of hundreds of indians stranded in iraq, Stranded

    Evidence of hundreds of Indians Stranded in Iraq 21 June 2014

    Amnesty International India a watchdog of human rights reveals at a press conference on Saturday that there is enough evidence to state that hundreds of Indians are stranded in Najag province of Iraq as their passports were retained by their...

    Keywords: Indians are stranded in Najag, Top Stories, Amnesty International India, Indians Stranded in Iraq

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    Tourist Stranded in Andaman, Tourist Stranded in Andaman, 800 tourists stranded in andaman islands navy launched rescue operations, Stranded

    800 Tourists Stranded in Andaman Islands, Navy Launched Rescue Operations 07 December 2016

    Due to heavy rains, over 800 tourists were stranded at Havelock Islands. A flood-like situation has been created disrupting the normal life in Andaman. After the situation was reported, Navy sent four ships to rescue all the tourists. While officials...

    Keywords: Indian Navy Rescue Operation, Tourist Stranded in Andaman, Tourist Stranded in Andaman, Tourist Stranded in Andaman

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    , , air force rescues two stranded men from tawi river, Stranded

    Air Force Rescues Two Stranded Men from Tawi River 19 August 2019

    Air Force Rescues Two Stranded Men from Tawi River:- The Indian Air Force staged a rescue mission today afternoon through which the two men have been rescued from Tawi river in Jammu and Kashmir. These men have been rescued from...

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    Nageswara Rao, South Sudan, 150 telugu people stranded due to civil war, Stranded

    150 Telugu People Stranded Due To Civil War 24 December 2013

    Telugu people from Krishna, Prakasham and Guntur Districts were caught in the civil war in South Sudan. The plight of Telugu people at South Sudan was informed by Annadeva Nageswara Rao, native of Jaggayyapet to his family members created tensions...

    Keywords: International News, Sudan Civil War, Sudan's Telugu People, Telugu People

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    Indian Navy Rescue Operation, Indian Navy Rescue Operation, rescue opt will start as soon as cyclone intensity reduces rajnath singh, Stranded

    “Rescue Opt Will Start As Soon As Cyclone Intensity Reduces”- Rajnath Singh 08 December 2016

    Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed on Thursday that the rescue operations will be launched soon to help those who are stranded on Andaman islands. The government said that as soon as the intensity of the cyclone reduces rescue operations...

    Keywords: Indian Navy Rescue Operation, Indian Navy Rescue Operation, Port Blair, Rajnath Singh

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    border villages, LoC, villagers near loc stranded lack govt support, Stranded

    Villagers near LoC Stranded; Lack Govt Support 01 October 2016

    As India is celebrating the Indian army’s surgical strikes against Pakistan, thousands of villagers near the Line of Control who were ordered by the government to vacate are upset. This is because of lack of government support in the evacuation....

    Keywords: LoC, LoC, surgical strike, surgical strike

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    UP Government, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, up government vs priyanka gandhi over the stranded migrants, Stranded

    UP Government Vs Priyanka Gandhi Over The Stranded Migrants 19 May 2020

    UP Government Vs Priyanka Gandhi Over The Stranded Migrants:- The other day, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra offered 1000 buses to take all the migrant workers home. In response to this, the government of Uttar Pradesh says that the Congress...

    Keywords: UP migrants latest, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, UP migrants latest, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra about migrants

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    Telugu Desam Party President, AP Pilgrims, regional discrimination in difficulty too, Stranded

    Regional Discrimination in Difficulty Too? 25 June 2013

    When there is an emergency and threat to life all human beings, irrespective of the region they belong to, must be treated equally.  When an evacuation takes place, the features and color of the skin is not to be considered...

    Keywords: TDP President Chandra Babu Naidu, Chandra Babu Naidu wrote letters, AP Pilgrims, AP Pilgrims

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    Goa bus accident latest, Goa, 21 injured after a goa bus loses control and veer off the road, Stranded

    21 Injured After A Goa Bus Loses Control And Veer Off The Road 16 May 2020

    21 Injured After A Goa Bus Loses Control And Veer Off The Road:- At least 21 passengers suffered injuries after a bus lost its control when it was on its way from Bengaluru to Goa. The driver lost the control...

    Keywords: Goa bus accident, Goa bus accident news, Goa bus accident news, Bus accident

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    Stranded Telugus At South Sudan, civil war in South Sudan, no response from south sudan about stranded telugus, Stranded

    No Response From South Sudan About Stranded Telugus 27 December 2013

    The relatives of the Indians stranded in South Sudan in the civil war like situation, followed by conflict between ethnic groups of the country, are worried about them. There is no response for the inquiries made by the Government of...

    Keywords: Indians stranded in South Sudan, Salve Kiir, South Sudan President, South Sudan

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    Height of Havoc Due to Typhoon Haiyan, Haiyan cyclone devastation Philippines, height of havoc due to typhoon haiyan, Stranded

    Height of Havoc Due to Typhoon Haiyan 11 November 2013

    The Hayan cyclone made havoc in Philippines as never witnessed.  At a rough estimate 10000 people might have been killed by the cyclone.    Many villages at the coastal areas washed off without an indication of a village that was there...

    Keywords: 3.30 lakshs stranded in Philippines, Haiyan cyclone devastation Philippines, Height of Havoc Due to Typhoon Haiyan, Haiyan cyclone devastation Philippines

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    Uttarakhand Disaster, rescue operations of stranded pilgrims, a donation of 20 lakhs to flood victims by pawan kalyan, Stranded

    A Donation of 20 Lakhs to Flood Victims by Pawan Kalyan 22 June 2013

    Someone should take the first move to inspire others.  Pawan Kalyan has done it by donating Rs.20 lakhs for the relief of flood victims in Uttarakhand.   The devastation in Uttarakhand is a never seen tragedy involving so many people...

    Keywords: State of Uttarakhand, Supreme Court of India, Pawan Kalyan Donation for Flood Victims, State of Uttarakhand

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    Missing Chopper, Uttarakhand Rescue operations, missing chopper and air force assurance, Stranded

    Missing Chopper and Air force Assurance 24 June 2013

    The Indian Air Force today assured the people of India and stranded pilgrims that it is going to get each and every one out of the stranded places by making all the efforts to recognize the movement of the persons...

    Keywords: Uttarakhand Rescue operations, Uttarakhand Rescue operations, Rescue Chopper, Rescue Chopper

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    Jet Airways, pilot, hyderabad dammam flight passengers stranded at rgia, Stranded

    Hyderabad-Dammam Flight Passengers Stranded at RGIA 11 August 2016

    All passengers of Hyderabad-Dammam, Jet Airways international flight were stranded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport for nearly five hours on Wednesday early morning. Though the airline staff refused to confirm it, sources said “two reasons were given to the...

    Keywords: RGIA, RGIA, International flight, stranded

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    Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, 32 telangana migrant workers stranded in iraq, Stranded

    32 Telangana Migrant Workers Stranded in Iraq 15 October 2016

    The two Hyderabad Professors from Hyderabad returned from war zone Libya recently. In the latest update a few days ago Consulate General of India in Iraq informed Prime Minister's Office that around 32 migrant workers from Telangana are stranded in...

    Keywords: stranded, migrant workers, stranded, Iraq

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