Tips To Turn Friend With Your Ex, Post Break Up

December 05, 2019 16:53
Tips To Turn Friend With Your Ex, Post Break Up

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Tips To Turn Friend With Your Ex, Post Break Up:- After a breakup, several people get tempted and they try to be friends with their ex. You may still care about the person but the equation will not be the same. When you are attempting to forge a friendship before you are ready may cause more harm than doing good for both of them. Trying to be friends after breakup yields bad results at some point of time. Here are some of the tips to turn friends with your ex after break up:

It is good if one waits for at least six months to think about having a friendship with your ex.

You need to re-enter the world as a new and single person. It is all about feelings and respect each other instead of arguing.

Things or talks should not go into personal things which can create tremors in your friendship.

If you are still having feelings for your ex, it is better to stay away and calm.

Focus on your efforts on processing the unresolved feelings.

Try visiting an impartial friend or a therapist and seek advice before getting into talks with your ex.

If you are thinking much about your ex, you cannot be a friend with your ex and its good to wait for more time.

If thinking about your ex with another person makes your stomach churn, it is not true friendship.

Imagine sitting with your ex at a coffee shop and don't bother about their personal things or the notifications on their mobile.

Acknowledge your ex and support them when needed.

Honestly ask yourself why you want to be friends with your ex.

Don't keep any expectations in your friends so that you won't be hurt or land in problems.

It can be tempting to fall back into familiar routines and convince yourself you're 'just friends.

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