Importance of consent in a Healthy Relationship

March 17, 2021 16:50
Importance of consent in a Healthy Relationship

Importance of consent in a Healthy Relationship:- There are several situations that lead to a clash between your partners. A no with your partner can hurt him or her and some of them may take this personally. There may be doubts among your partners about if the relationship is ruined or if there is an affair with their partner with someone other. Some of them have the feelings of resentment and this makes the partners distant. It is all about the comfort that makes a relationship happy. After the gap that turns out, even your sexual life takes a hit. That won't be exciting like before. One of them cannot tell their partner about their need when things are not well.

Rejection is a word that is heavily loaded and this brings many fears. There would be anger, low self-worth and insecurity after these situations are around. Most of the partners may take no personally and this ruins a healthy relationship. The relationship may be in the initial stages or it may have passed decades, it is all about communication. It is always good to be polite for a long-term relationship. Be honest in your relationship for good results. Do not leave any room for the second thoughts and you will be appreciated much by your partner.

Be kind and approachable with your partners when you need to suggest or reveal any subject. Never show the stress on your partner as it may spoil the environment around. Suggest other ways of intimacy in the most needed situations. A bear hug can shower so much of love for your partner and they can get convinced happily and they can even understand your situation.

There should be no need to feel guilty for saying no to your partner. But make sure that you follow a pattern so that it convinces your partner. But never turn their requests always and this will surely damage your equation and even your relationship.

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