Why married Woman need to wear a toe ring???

May 30, 2012 15:48
Why married Woman need to wear a toe ring???

'I don't find any reason... marriage is something that has to do with commitment and working the relationship to sustain... how does wearing or not wearing a Mulgal Sutra, Bindi, Sindhoor or a toe ring would matter or affect the relationship of marriage anyways'... many of us are living and practicing this thought process...

I may sound an agony aunt but if you have no belief in these customs, then why getting married at all??? Live-in relationships are always a better option, right?

With we exploring the values of our own tradition each day, let us find out what is the reason behind wearing a toe ring for a married woman;
From the early times, the Indian women has loved, adored and treasured the custom of wearing traditional ornaments. There is an enormous variety of jeweler items found in India and like nose rings in Indian culture, toe rings are also very popular accessory loved and adorned by women of all age groups in India. The style of jeweler worn by a woman reflects her customs and traditions to a great deal. The significance of wearing toe rings in Indian culture is mainly traditional and also influences the religious beliefs.

Toe ring is a small circular band made of metal which is worn on the toes. The women decorate their feet by wearing toe rings on the second toe of each foot. Traditionally toe rings are mainly made of silver. Read on to learn the significance of wearing toe rings in the Indian culture.

Toe rings a part of Solah Shringaar

Solah Shringaar, Hindi term for 16 ancient traditional accouterments is a great custom of ornamenting the entire body with jeweler. There are 16 ancient traditional accouterments worn by the Indian women to beautify her and till today the women in India are passionate about 16 accouterments with which they love to adorn themselves. Toe rings in the Indian culture are one of the most popular ornaments of these 16 accouterments.

Toe rings as a Symbol of Marriage

In India, toe rings are considered of great social significance and are regarded as an essential accessory for the married women. There is a special ceremony performed for wearing toe rings at the time of marriage. Along with other symbols of marriage toe rings are also a traditional symbol of marriage.

As toe rings are a symbol of married status, according to the Hindu culture and religious beliefs the unmarried girls are prohibited to wear toe rings. Though in the present age toe rings have become a fashion ornament, but the Indian girls still refrain from wearing toe rings before marriage.

Toe rings as Modern Fashion Accessory

In today’s times, toe rings are no more used as traditional ornaments. They are found even in the western countries and have become a great fashion accessory of the modern era. In the western culture toe rings are mainly a fashion statement to decorate the feet.

By now I bet you too are thinking of decorating your feet by wearing toe rings. Here are few special tips!

1 As you will be wearing the toe ring for days or weeks at a time, choose toe rings very carefully and do not buy a very tight one.

2 Buy a thin toe ring which can bend or flex according to your toe size.

3 It should be finely designed so that it does not end up cutting your feet.

4 The toe ring you choose should be light in weight

Toe rings are a great way to show off beautiful feet and have become very popular as costume jeweler. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy toe rings and get ready for the approaching summer season to flaunt your feet.

Above all it is scientifically proven that the nerves that boost sexual desires in us that exist in our feet need some compression to prevent us from being high than required and toe rings are the best option for this...

All those married Women out there start wearing toe rings right away then!

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