Women.... watch out your health....

June 26, 2012 10:41
Women.... watch out your health....

Woman are definitely stronger than Men.... but, physically, with the kind of body we are blessed and on the top of this, we ignoring our health in order to satisfy many other, many of us are facing body and back aches and pains.... these could not end up being serious problems, but to keep a check on them in order to treat them in the initial stage is also mandatory... and for this;

Find a healing touch.

New research shows that massage therapy may be more effective than commonly used treatments such as drugs for short-term relief from soreness in your lower back, according to the Annals of Internal Medicine. After 10 weeks, study participants who received either a 1-hour relaxing Swedish massage or a form of massage focused on treating the tissues of the back were twice as likely to have spent fewer days in bed, taken fewer meds, and continued everyday activities (think: walking up stairs or having sex) compared with those who got usual care, such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxants. Moreover, benefits lasted more than 6 months. This study showed that massage is not only helpful in relieving lower-back pain, but you can get the same benefits with the more commonly available relaxing massage as you can with a more targeted massage.


You may not think much about your knees until you feel shooting pain while walking up stairs or throbbing after being on the go all day. While there are many reasons for knee pain, a common trigger is plain old wear and tear from arthritis. Being overweight puts added pressure on your knees, so losing pounds can help.
Ease Your Aches: Keep moving.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, doing regular exercise such as walking can actually help soothe the pain because it strengthens muscles and tendons that support the joint and improves blood flow to the area for faster healing. "If you avoid walking because your knee hurts, then you'll lessen your range of motion so it'll hurt even more later on. Try using a heating pad on your knees for 10 minutes before walking to help muscles relax so you'll get a better range of motion as well as pain relief." If you find walking too uncomfortable, another good option is swimming because it doesn't put as much pressure on your knees. In fact, people with arthritis in their knees or hips who did water exercises for 6 weeks reported less joint pain and better overall quality of life, according to the journal Physical Therapy.

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