Stop hair loss with healthy hair tips

October 04, 2011 15:29
Stop hair loss with healthy hair tips

HelthyHairSuffering from hair loss can be embarrassing because it makes you look older. However, it doesn't have to be that way...

If you want to look young again, are sick of wearing hats, or combing it over make sure you read every word on this page because you are about to discover a natural treatment method that can help you get your hair back. When it comes to stopping hair loss you can opt for the medical route and take prescription drugs, or get surgery, but keep in mind that those are expensive options that come with risks and side effects...

If you would like more information about the medical options to stop hair loss; the risks, the costs, and the side effects simply consult with your doctor.

Did You Know There Are Foods That Help Stop Hair Loss?

Your hair is made of protein; therefore protein-rich foods and organic fruits and vegetables should make up most of your diet if you want to stop hair loss and promote the growth of healthy hair. You can take a protein supplement if you don't like to eat a lot of meat or eggs.

Each of the foods and nutrients below helps stop hair loss:

Protein: red meat, liver, brewer's yeast, fish, eggs, beans, yogurt, tofu, protein supplements

Iron: liver, eggs, whole grain cereals, dates, dark green leafy vegetables, raisins, iron supplements

B Vitamins: meat, eggs, poultry, B vitamin supplements

Vitamin E: avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds

Sulfur: onions, meats, fish, nuts, legumes

What To Watch Out For

There are also a few things that you should avoid eating or consuming if you want to stop hair loss.

They are:




Processed Food

Foods high in fat

These foods are highly acidic and fill your body with toxins. Some of these toxins will end up in your scalp causing you to have unhealthy, stringy-looking hair.

If you want to maintain shiny radiant hair you need to start living a healthy lifestyle. If you have already suffered hair loss then you need to also use some type of treatment method to get your hair back... 
Imagine how good you would look if you had all of your hair back? Well it can be a reality when you click on the link below and learn the natural secrets of how to re-grow lost hair...

(Source: DietHealthandFitness)

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