Hairstyles to beat the heat in Summer

April 07, 2022 18:19
Hairstyles to beat the heat in Summer

The summer is all over and one can expect a scorching heat this year. It is quite tough for women during this summer as they have to manage the thick mop of hair around their neck. You have to maintain a different hairstyle to beat the summer heat. Here are some of the hairstyles for summer:

High Pony: Get a black hair and make a pony through tight elastic. You can also add a bobby pin to the base of the ponytail to look stylish.

Low Slicked-Back Twisted Bun: You can also make a low pony by pulling back your hair. Twist your hair clockwise and get a desired bun shape.

Space Buns: They look like chic and cool without much effort. Create two small buns and pack them with an elastic or a bobby pin.

Braided Bun: This gives low and messy buns. Seperate your hair from the crown to the back. Use elastic and bobby pins to make it a bun.

Sleek Low Pony With Accessory: Ponytails are very popular. Remove all the lumps or creases. At the nape of the neck, secure it with an elastic.

Messy Wrapped Ponytail: This looks great with the leftover curls. Make a ponytail with an elastic. Pull a small piece of hair to hide the elastic. Pin the end of your hair to your head using a bobby pin.

Twisted Up-Do: Pull your hair back using an elastic and make a ponytail. Make space at the base and add a twist to the hair.

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